I'm Zombie Mush

I feel like I could sleep for days. I'm so exhausted. The first week of school is always so tiring.
I've also had this crazy stomach thing going on which has left me unable to eat anything for a week....I was doing pretty well living off the energy of meeting new people and starting a new job until about, let's see, Thursday. Since then, I've been nothing but a pile of mush.

I came home Thursday night from school and catnapped until bedtime. Didn't do the dishes or anything. Too tired. My sweet husband had bath time and bedtime taken care of before I could even open my eyes to pretend like I was going to get up and do it myself.

I zombied my way through school yesterday wanting so badly to sleep through class...but, I didn't want to get a pink slip!! :) I came home last night thinking that I had been blessed with a second burst of energy...not so much. One look at my bed, and I crashed again. I watched the Olympics with one eye open and zero attention span. Bless his heart, sweet husband was back to the rescue and he took care of the kids last night. Me? I got up to put on my jammies and crawled back into bed.

So this morning, on a Saturday, I woke up at 6:30 -- so not fair. But, we're going to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (my favorite and I now that I can eat again, I am craving pancakes!!) and then the boys have a birthday party. After the party, I'm coming home to nap, nap, nap....hoping that I won't be worthless again tonight.

So hoping that next week I can get back on schedule and back into routine...

My dad has a philosophy that no one should "work for the weekend," because we should be working to do our best everyday in the place that God has placed us, not working to get away from our calling. I agree with that, and am trying hard to live by that principle, but, for this week....I WAS DEFINITELY WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND....not because I wanted the job to end, but because....

I just want to sleep!!!!!!!!! :)


buscher3 said...

It DOES get better! Just give your self a few weeks to adjust. ;-)

Mich said...

I'm jealous of the pancakes! Glad you are feeling better... love ya!

Poohpa said...

There ya go agin', quotin' my philosophies! I'm truly proud you are, but knowing you were "zombie mush" this last week, sick and tired, I was hoping for the weekend for you, too! As you know, that philosophy is meant for the day in and day out attitude of life. Instead of TGIF everyweek, it should be TGISMTWTFS! I'm glad you survived - it will get better as you realize the good work you are accomplishing in another person's life. What a good legacy you're building! Proud to be yer Papa!
Love Ya,

Stephanie said...

Hope you got a nap today...I didn't but the kids were asleep by 8:00 yes that's 8 pm. Addison just woke up but i think she's down again. 10:30 and I'm going to bed!!!!! See you in the morning!!!