More Ants

I hate that I didn't think to take a picture...it would have been perfect.

But, what we do have is the shirt that has half of the screen-print paint eaten off of it! I'm not kidding!
Yesterday evening, the boys and I were snuggled up in my bed watching Big Brother. (Okay, right now you can insert all your "Oh My"s and "Oh Brother"s because yes, I do let my kids watch those shows with me...terrible parenting, I know...I'm sure we'll pay for lots of years of therapy!) Kirk came in to get dressed for a meeting he had to go to at work (yah...work at 7:30 on a Sunday...I know, I know). He was just going to throw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, when he said, "My clothes are covered in ants."

What? That didn't even register at first when he said it. But, I got up to look and sure enough...all of his tee-shirts in the little cubby were crawling with the little critters. (In our closet, we each have a thing of cubby-like shelves where we keep some of our folded up clothes.)

A ton of his shirts have that screen-printing paint on them, but the little boogers were especially drawn to this one shirt. It was his Arkadelphia Baseball shirt, and it has this bright red paint on it...

Not anymore! The ants ATE the red paint off. No kidding. I've never seen anything like it before in my life!

So, I busted out the bug spray and killed them all; set ant traps so they don't come back (hopefully!); and now have an entire load of laundry to do made up of 20 or so used-to-be clean tee-shirts (like I didn't have enough laundry to do today anyway!).

Kirk was just glad he didn't have ants in his pants!!!!!!!! :)


sprocketqueen said...

I had a problem with ants and I purchased some lice spray that you use to treat bedding etc after the fact. It is safe and does not smell and it works!! Then put out little ant baits have not seen a ant since!! I am itching just typing this!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Ugh...that is just wrong to have ants in your closet.

Mich said...

Do ants like the color red? Makes you wonder about all the red and white table cloths used for picnics...hmmm???

Jennifer said...

Those were some hungry ants! I've never heard of that happening! Weird!