Acid Wash and Neon Splatter Paint

So after my post yesterday where I was spouting off about all the new high school clothing trends that I've been witnessing, I started reminiscing a bit. My dad and my friend Alison also got me thinking when they commented on my blog.

As much as I cringe at the newest styles cruisin' the halls, I had my fair share of hideous fashion mishaps in my day. Boy, I thought I was something though....

Here are the few things that I remember wearing so wrongly (some of these were shared by Alison, but I so totally did them, too):

  • I had LA Gear hightops. They were hot pink and black. So smokin'.
  • With these "rad" hightops I wore at least 3 pair of different colored socks. I layered them. Oh, yes, I did. But, it gets better. I alternated the pattern on each foot. Magnificent.
  • I tight rolled my jeans. That is incredibly unattractive. Even more unattractive when you add all the socks.
  • I had a couple of pair of suck-tight acid washed jeans. The really, really ugly acid wash...not that any acid wash is okay.
  • I actually wore stirrup pants. With ballet flats.
  • I went through a phase of wearing sweatshirts in 100 degree weather? Why?
  • I owned Jams. I even made my own pair in a Home Ec. class and wore them to school.
  • Remember the MC Hammer pants? I didn't own any, but I thought the kids who did were so amazingly "tubular."
  • I had a really cool side pony-tail with really cool puff ball bangs.
  • I had various pieces of clothing that were splattered painted with neon colors....I purchased them this way. They kind of looked like retro Sherwin Williams threw up on me.
  • I used a banana clip in my hair on a regular basis....yikes.
  • I owned several pants and skirts with those goofy suspenders. So ugly.
  • With the goofy suspenders, I would usually wear a baggy white shirt....complete with shoulder pads! Wow. Shoulder pads. Not much else to say about those.
  • Lots and lots of lacy skirts. Mounds of lace packed onto one mini-skirt. Nothing cute about that.
  • I did have a couple of FlashDance inspired sweatshirts. I never danced and I never worked out...but apparently I would have looked good had I wanted to!
  • I never did have a pair of leg warmers, but I was so jealous of people who did.
  • I begged my sweet Granny to buy me a Newspaper print sweater. She did and I wore it all the time. The only thing good about that sweater is whose money purchased it....otherwise a totally bad investment. Ugh. I can still see it in my mind. Hideous.
  • I mentioned the puff ball bangs. Before the age of cotton candy hair, I did go through a rather disturbing phase of slicking my hair down with hairspray. So gross. My precious sister seems to only remember this portion of my history (she loves to bring it up.) Thanks Mich.
  • Although I was super fond of my hightops and the mountainous volume of socks, I also had an infatuation with deck shoes. Remember those? I think I saw someone the other day wearing a pair (hooray for fashion comebacks), but back in the day I thought they were awesome. What was even awesome-er was to have them in different colors. Wear them with no socks and tight rolled jeans....fabulous.
  • I used to tie my shirts on the side with a clip or pony tail holder. Not sure what the purpose in that was. Huh.
  • Remember silk shirts? Pair one with the acid jeans and deck shoes and you really had a fabulous ensemble.

I could sit here all day and rehash all my terrible wardrobe choices through the years. I sometimes wonder why my mother let me go out of the house looking the way I did. I am so glad that I don't have a scanner at my house, or I would feel obligated to insert some pictures of the good ole' days. (Dad and Michele, don't even think about it! I have plenty of ammunition to fire back!)

So, you've giggled your way through this post....you know it is only because you looked just like me and you're remembering what you've tried so hard to forget!! :)

Still can't get the acid wash and neon splatter paint out of my head....probably will dream of that tonight. Scary.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yeh...so hard to look back at those things we thought were "so" fashionable. Ugh. At least there was safety in numbers. Everyone else looked hideous right along with me!

Mich said...

OK, I'll wait for another day to drag the family album out:)
As for remembering that one thing...well it was because I did all the rest of that stuff too. It was just funny to me that you plastered your hair down, when the rest of us had mile high bangs! Actually looking back now, you were probably normal and the rest of us were puffed up cotton candy heads!!! Oh those were the days!

Jennifer said...

Sadly enough, I remember those "stylish" fashions all too well! Glad they're over!

Mom to Zoe said...

And even more that I remembered last night after reading your blog.

*Do you remember scrunchies of all styles?
*those little squiggle things that you could buy to put on the ends of shoelaces?
*different color (mostly bright) shoelaces?
*and last but not least, slap bracelets. Those were cool.

Stephanie said...

Swatch watches....2 or 3 up the arm. Needless to say I didn't have more than one b/c by the time I got one they were on the way out.

School Dances...MC Hammer, Roger Rabbit...

Yeah I'm glad we're out of that stage...let's just hope it doesn't come back while our kids are in school!