Monday Madness....Minimal Griping Involved

What a day.

I think I've been up way too long. The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. I hit the snooze button 'till 5:15. Had a good visit with Jesus then moved on to ironing clothes and writing the check for lunch money. That it costs over $20 for 3 of us (don't have to pay for Tate) to eat in the cafeteria for a week is insanity to me. I only pay because I like to order the loaded baked potato everyday, and I didn't even count a couple of days for Keaton because he won't eat stuff like chicken spaghetti or hoagie sandwiches....but, seriously, over $20 for school food? Highway robbery.

After a rather easy morning of getting ready, we were all in the car and on our way to school. We actually were on time today. I drove the speed limit and everything. Shocking.

Had a really good day at school letting other people be in control. (If you missed my previous blog post, you missed my epiphany on trying to not be so control-freakish). It went amazingly well and I was just happier today, because I had made up my mind to let all my issues go. I still am bored out of my mind in Civics, but I'm just going to have to suck that up and be big about it...that's not going to change I don't think!

We cut out of school a bit earlier than usual so that we could head to the Health Department to get my TB skin test for my new job. After waiting for about 30 minutes in a waiting room that smelled like a hospital, I was taken back and had the test done. I would rather they just give me a shot in the arm than have to sit there and have that stuff VERY SLOWLY pushed into my arm. Hate it. Then I got the lovely news that since it had been so long since I'd had a test done, I get to come back in 2 weeks and get another one. Lucky me.

Then it was on to Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart. I especially hate it when it is back-to-college time for all the students in our tiny town. It was packed with kids buying everything from tiny refrigerators to notebooks to Ramen noodles to ironing boards. All I needed was milk and Pull-Ups. It took me 45 minutes to get out of there. It would have been quicker had I gone and milked my own cow.

After we finally got home, I found out Kirk was working late, which means dinner was late. That always seems to mess up my whole evening routine, because it puts me doing dishes at bedtime. I want to be snoozing, not scrubbing.

Now Kirk is tutoring Pre-Calculus in the dining room and the boys and I are piled in my bed having a slumber party. We're watching a movie and I'm getting ready to leaf through a magazine. I'm sure that there will be some snuggling involved! Perfect end to a pretty good day.

Hope tomorrow is just as good....minus the lunch money check, the TB test, and Wal-Mart!


Mich said...

Guess what I had a TB test done today too! Funny!

Stephanie said...

Next time all you need is that...call me and I'll get it for you. I go to walmart almost everyday and get to go at the good times when no college students are there. Just the sweet old ladies and men.

Now that is too funny that you and Mich both had a TB test done yesterday.

Hope you have a good day today!

Poohpa said...

Isn't the Lord wonderful! Just think. Last week you were miserable, and perhaps "not yourself" due to whatever was messing with your health! But in the midst of it, that "still, small voice" that you wrote was "screaming" for attention - actually got it, provided some rest and reflection, and completely turned your perspective "down-side-up". Praise the Lord. I am very glad that you are on the mend and eating again!

Love Ya,