Ready for Monday...

So, I made it through my first official day of work and Open House last night....all while I struggled to not pass out on the floor.

Wednesday night I did not sleep 1 second. I know because I watched the clock all night. I was so sick. Plus I was nervously anticipating my first day on Thursday, so needless to say, I was a train wreck when morning rolled around. I needed to have the kids at my friend Leanne's house early early that morning, in order to get to work by 8. Bless her heart for waking up that early to keep the rowdy Goodrums...I'm forever indebted to that family anyway!!

I guess about now is where I insert the details of my new job! I'm going to spare you the long details of the process, just so that you aren't sitting here for ages. So, long story short, Kirk and I felt totally and completely 100% led by the Lord to start a new school year at a new school. The boys and I both are at a great little school district outside of Arkadelphia. I'm working in the Special Ed. department at the High School with a great young lady (I met her last night!) who needs extra help getting through the school day. She already had me laughing out loud last night, so I'm really looking forward to spending my days with her! I also get to work with an amazing Godly woman who is the classroom teacher, so I'm already thrilled about going to work everyday!

So, yesterday I was to be at the school for in-service meetings and workday, and even though I felt like I'd be involved in a 30 car pile-up, it was really great meeting all the teachers and the other people that I'm going to be working with. Everyone is so nice there...it already felt like family. Such an answer to prayer.

I picked up my little men around 4:30 (so sorry, Leanne!) and ended up staying and chatting 'till a little after 5:00. We had to zoom home, get cleaned up and back in the car by 5:30 to make it to Open House on time. Sometimes I hate living so far away from EVERYTHING!!!

But, miraculously, we made it. We went to Tate's room first. He is going to the Pre-K class at the school and he has the best teachers. I had met his teacher yesterday during the meetings, so I already knew he would love her. And the aide that works in there actually was in a Bible Study with me years ago, so I feel totally comfortable about him being there. Today all he can talk about is the tree house in his room (no kidding!) and all the "toes" (that's "toys" in Tate-land). I know he's going to be fine...another huge answer to prayer!

Next was Sawyer's class. We got another amazing teacher there, too. She's really fun and spunky and will totally fit Saw's personality. He was very bashful last night, but I know that they are going to really hit it off. He was most excited about having his own desk with a cubby in it.

Last was Keaton's class. Again, another winner with the teacher. She is so soft-spoken, and we've heard that she is really sensitive to kids and their insecurities. So, we feel like we've got another perfect match for Keaton and his personality. She did tell us in the meeting that they would learn cursive this year, and Keaton came out struttin'. He told me that he was going to practice his cursive Sunday night so that he could go show his teacher Monday morning that he already knew cursive. Over-achiever! (His proud mama does know that he really does have pretty cursive though!!!) Keaton was also pumped about there being a bathtub in the reading center! FUN!

After we were finished at the elementary and the boys had checked out the bathroom (a must!) we headed over to the high school to just drop in for a few minutes. So glad, because, like I said before, my new friend was there and I got to hang out with her for a few minutes. Her mom said she didn't know if I was "talkative" enough for her....HA! She obviously doesn't know me very well!!! :)

We got home around 7:30 and I crashed. I think I watched a race or two of the Olympics in between sleepy eyes, but I couldn't tell you what happened.

Today we are just taking it easy -- hallelujah! Then I guess we'll relax over the weekend and gear up for the big day on Monday!

Bring it on...I'm ready!! But first, I think I'm going to take another nap -- while I still have the chance!


Stephanie said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad it went well. I can just see Keeton strutting out of there. :) Maybe he can use cursive time as creative writing time.

sprocketqueen said...

I am so excited for you and your new job, but I am sad at the same time and so is Savana. You will not be there when Savana would of had you for a teacher, and she will not get to see Sawyer. I know that you are excited and I am glad that God has blessed you!!

Mich said...

Glad it went well!

Love ya!

Marc and Charity said...

Cool, sounds like your kids' teachers are a great match! What a relief for y'all...I'm sure it will be a great year!

What district are you in?