Second Day of School...Everyone's Still Breathing!

We're off to a great start! If the next 9 months go as well as the first 2 days...we are good to go!

The boys had another fantastic day. They did all kinds of fun stuff. I would detail it out for you, but they were all excitedly chattering at the same time after school today, that I'm not really sure who did what. I do know that Sawyer's class went to the Library and got 2 marbles in the marble jar for being good. Big stuff. Keaton was all pumped about making bookmarks with a friend named Luke. He's excited about the bookmarks; I'm excited about him making a friend! And Tate is still singing the bumblebee song. His little note did say that he ate all his corn-puppies and took a nap at rest time! More big stuff.

Me? I had a really easy day. The little girl that I hang out with all day wasn't there today, so I ran errands, made a bulletin board, and walked the halls. Can't complain about being exhausted tonight (even though I am...I can't...it just wouldn't be right!). I did have to do my first lunch duty today. Honestly I was dreading it...but it was no sweat, although I did get the run-down on what to do if a fight breaks out. Yikes! Scary! Hoping that the kids spare me a panic attack and just behave when I'm around!!

I guess we're going to make it....

We're all really liking it here! :)


Mom to Zoe said...


I just ran across your blog - hilarious. I'm going to guess that if you were able to "glance at the elementary school from the high school" you weren't in Arkadelphia public schools. Are you guys at Ouachita??


sprocketqueen said...

Good deal!! I am glad to hear that yall are liking it!!