White Girl Can't Attempts To Dance

Okay....so most of you know that I joined the gym this summer.

And I am really glad that I did. Because I already feel better. And look better in most of my clothes.

So....yay me.

I don't really like to sweat, which is a problem when it comes to exercise, but I'm dealing.

Most days, my gym-peeps and I do weights and treadmill/elliptical stuff, but recently I mustered up the courage to try some of the classes.

I'm all up in Pilates now, and LOVE it. I hurt like the dickens after it is over, but I really love how I feel after the class.

But our gym also offers ZUMBA.

Have you heard of the ZUMBA? Oh.My.Stars.

I've seen ZUMBA a zillion times, because the room where the kids stay is just off of the room where the classes are held, and I have to say that there is only one word to describe those classes:


Okay. Maybe two words.

It's also CRAZY.

Because people move in that class in ways that people just should not be able to move. And I have zero coordination or dance ability, so that class has just been one that I snicker and giggle at.

Until today.

I went to ZUMBA today.

And it was the most bizarre thing that I think I have ever done.

I shook stuff I didn't know I had to shake.
And I shimmied.
And I was told it was okay, because no one was watching me.

Although, I'm pretty sure that the row of ladies behind me were trying not to snort giggle themselves out of sync with our very highly energetic instructor. Because....this white girl can't dance.

Don't know about ZUMBA?
Here. Watch this.
And then try to imagine me. Trying to do that. And not being able to.

Yah. I don't move like that.

But it was fun.

And I sweat a lot.

And we even got to dance the Cotton Eyed Joe.

But I'm thinking that if I go back, I'm going to need some nifty leg warmers so that I can channel the FAME and Flashdance love. And maybe a sweatshirt with the neck all ripped out.

Good times.


Andrea said...

Dancing exercise is way more fun than regular exercise! Hey, maybe I should act on that advice! Just don't stand in the back of the class because when everyone turns around, now you're in front!

In February I started taking a hip hop class. I've always wanted to take a hip hop class. Um talk about white girl. The teacher & some regulars were very nice and said I was getting the steps. My friends thought it was silly, so I caved into the peer pressure and we never went back after the first class.

Beam Me Up Scotty said...

GOSH!! You are a brave woman. The next time I see you I am going to ask for a demonstration.
Congrats on having the courage to try something new. It looks like fun!


Mich said...

I am laughing out loud while imagining...

I'm proud of you though, if not a little jealous. Of course to look and feel better it would mean I would have to sweat and...

Love ya!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I love that class! The last time I checked our gym hadn't started the full fledged class yet. They were still showing the moves and I did not have the patience for 30 minute classes with the same moves over and over. They lost a lot of participation that way!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm more of a BUMZA girl myself. Emphasis on B-U-M.


mimi said...

I love Cotton Eyed Joe. That song can totally make you move.

I think it's awesome that you Zumba'd and pilate'd and all that good stuff. I wish I would! Yay YOU, indeed!

Mich said...

I nominated you for an award.

Love ya! Thanks for listening today!

Libby said...

wow, you couldn't pay me money to do that in front of people. haha!
thats awesome for you! Keep it up!

Stephanie said...

I can so relate. Once we went to aerobics. When the instructor was up--we were down. When she was done--we were up. I've never felt like such a big goofy elephant before. It was crazy!

Jennifer said...

Girlfriend...As you could see today while we were Zumbaing, this white girl can't dance either!! But...having you and Steph there by my side game me the courage to do something I would never do otherwise!! It felt good to be able to laugh at myself (and you and Steph, too!!)

We must do it again when I get back from Table Rock!!

Have a great week and I'll see ya when I get back!! Love ya!!

Cathy said...

If I could Zumba at a class with you we would have a kick butt time;)

...and I'd wear my pink short sleeve sweatshirt w/ big white polka dots and the neck ripped out AND I would even crimp my hair...just for you.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Good grief, girl. So THAT'S what Zumba is - I keep hearing about it, but had no idea it involved so much shaking and shimmeying. Don't think I'd be brave enough to try it, because seriously - I. can't. dance. At all. But I am super proud of you for doing it!

Jim said...

I guess bones and muscles were meant to be used, and skin has pores to "leak-out" the excess impurities and keep you "cool" as you put the body through its paces, but I suppose I'll have to pass on the Zumba approach to body trimming. I want all of my parts to stay in place where they were put and not complain to me more than they do just "getting up" in the morning! Who knows but perhaps your "sweatin' with the newsies" will bring some needed rain at times. Didjagitit?

Love you,

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

LOL! I have a friend that is doing that...me on the other hand...not so much. I'm about as coordinated as a wart hog on roller skates. Glad you had the courage to try it out!!

Anonymous said...


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Cathy said...

huh? what the heck was that last comment??