We Are Family -- Day 3

I'm usually not short and sweet.

But tonight I am taking on a promise to myself to be both.

Because I'm tired. And I'm sitting in a hotel lobby. With my computer in my lap. And my family is upstairs probably wearing tomorrow's clothes, because the husband was responsible for getting their jammies out of the suitcase. And though he can solve equations as long as California and would be able to fix the Eiffel Tower if it broke, he somehow wasn't blessed with the talent of deciphering night clothes from day clothes. I've explained the simplicity of the matter eleventy hundred times. Teeshirts that are permanently stained with spaghetti are jammies. Those that still appear clean from three feet away are daytime clothes. This is not rocket science, Mr. Physics.

Anyway...because I'm sleepy and blogging in a lobby with big cutouts of Dolly Parton littering the VERY rustic decor, you're just going to have wait on Day 4 of We Are Family, and just be satisfied with Day 3. So sorry.

Day 3 was spent in meeting after meeting after meeting at the missionary reunion. I had been put in charge of creating a blog especially for our missy family, so I parked myself in the back of the conference room with my trusty pink laptop bag and all of her precious cargo and worked on my project. Although the presentations were interesting. It is always good to hear how the Lord is working in this little country that helped shape a chunk of my life. Our God is good all the time. And this weekend's testimonies of present and past missionaries is proof of that.

Here are a few picts from the reunion.....

The Group Picture from the weekend. Have a little fun playing Where's Waldo.

Here I am with all the other MKs (missionary kids) that were at the reunion.

My two favorite ladies....my sister and my mama.

Look at Jim-Dad and my sister. Precious.

This is Carla. She and I were suckered graciously blessed into putting together this whole shindig. She is a great lady, and a former MK. Love her.

And we ate Bengali chicken curry for dinner. Oh blessed day. I was so darn excited about the curry love, that I forgot to take the picture until I was halfway through my meal. So you are getting the half version of the curry. My plate was PILED. And I was sitting fat and happy. The only thing that might have possibly made it better would have been if I had been eating it off of a banana leaf while sitting on a dirt floor while eating the curry with my hand. Oh....and while sipping on a hot coke. Because that is just how you are supposed to do it. And that is just good stuff right there.

And then I had to play MC. Which should mean that I was Mrs. McChatty. But instead it meant that I was Mrs. McCringified. Seriously. As much as I like to run my mouth, microphones and crowds are not my friend. No way. No how. No thank you. But because I'm a people pleaser, I do it anyway.

Yep. That's me. About to pass out.

But I was rewarded for my efforts by my precious Aunt Guin. She gave me an ENTIRE bag of ChanaChur. (chA-nA-choor). That would be Bengali for heaven on earth....otherwise known as the most delightful snack mix created on the face of this planet. You only think Chex Mix is good, y'all.

The reunion was fun. The people are amazing. And just being with my entire family makes it all the better. And like I mentioned yesterday, the bringing up of all the sweet memories has made me sleep awfully peaceful these past few nights.

So, I'm telling the Dolly cutout goodnight and heading up to the bed.

We Are Family....over and out.


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about this reunion. What precious people who gave of themselves to another country and culture so that people could know Jesus. I could just sit and cry about it. Missionaries and their family are very near and dear to my heart. And I want some of that curry!

Terry Lewallen said...

great reunion! very cool that you guys were able to get together like that. and let me just tell you....you looked fab! love the outfit! hope the boys ended up in the night clothes!

Gretchen said...

You realize that when we MIRL, you'll have to make me summathat chicken. Mmmmm

Glad you got to do this--I know it was an effort, but wow, oh wow. The memories.

And I'll bet Mrs. Cringified did outstandingly outstanding.

mimi said...

oooh the curry and that other snack mix stuff...sounds yummy. Curry=yummo!

Good times!

Kristin said...

What a neat reunion! I hope you had a blast and it looks like you did!