Take Me Out To The Ball Game....Take Me Out To The Crowd....Buy Me A Huge Honkin' Camera....And Maybe I Would Remember To Use It

*You're singing that song now, aren'tcha? You're welcome.*

I'm so disappointed in myself.

I have failed as a vaca documentarian.

I am on a trip with my family. In a hotel. And have eaten out. And have taken 2 pictures.

And to make it worse, it isn't just a vacation that I'm failing to document. It is an incredible experience for my two oldest children and their father. (And me....because when they're happy, I'm happy.) And I'm failing. Miserably.

See...we are baseball people. Let me rephrase. Kirk is a baseball person. I would be all over sword-fishing if Kirk was a sword-fishing person. Or if we were lumberjacking people, then I'd be a lumberjack. I'm just a follower, so I'm whatever I need to be whenever I need to be it. So right now, I'm a baseball person. (Thank God, it's baseball!!)

Remember this?

Yah. Baseball people.

Anyway. Keaton and Sawyer were chosen to be on their Little League's All-Star Baseball Team. It's a big deal. And it's a huge deal for their daddy. (Because he is living out his boyhood dreams through his little men, and it makes him just plain excited. You want to see a grown man fall all over himself in total schoolgirl giddiness....get the husband talking about his little men and baseball.)

So....right now we are at the Arkansas State 7 & 8 Year Old All-Star Little League Tournament which started today.

I started out with very good intentions of documenting the entire experience pictorially. See...I snapped picts of the Red Bomb who is very supportive of her precious cargo.

But it was after this that my recording of history ceased.

It took us about 4 hours to drive up to the town in which the tourney is being held, and we were able to check in to our hotel early, with plenty of time to rest and grab a bite to eat before we had to be at the fields for our first game.

No pictures of my kids jumping on the hotel beds.
No pictures of my dinner.
And no pictures of the boys posing in their uniforms before the game.
I'm so disappointed in myself.

But I did take a picture of my mom and Jim-Dad in their spiffy team tee-shirts.

And then I took one picture of the team as they were having their names called out for the batting order at the beginning of the game.

That's Sawyer, 3rd from right, posing. And that's Keaton, 5th from right, looking petrified and like someone just shot his dog.

No pictures of them batting.
No pictures of Keaton playing left field.
No pictures of Sawyer playing catcher.
No pictures of them making it to first.
No pictures of them sliding.
Not even a picture of someone else's kid batting or fielding or catching.
None. Zip. Zilch.

Because I was too busy climbing the fence. Because I tend to get a little overly excited. And I scream. A lot. And I embarrass my children. A lot. And I shout things about the game that I really don't understand, but think that I do. A lot.

Because I'm a fabulous cheerleader.

But despite my fantastic cheering, we lost our first game.

But, we play again tomorrow and are hoping to pull out a win.

Either way though...win or lose....the experience is tremendous for the boys. And such an honor. And something that they'll remember forever. And that they are getting to experience it together as brothers is like the cherry on the top (that doesn't happen very often, y'all!).

Because this is about as Major League as you can get....when you're 7.

Now....if they could just get their mama to remember to document it for them.


Cathy said...

I think the fact that you were too busy cheering to remember to take pictures is a GOOD thing.:) I think you're a GREAT mom.

And out of that entire post, how much do I heart the fact that now I have a picture of your Jim-Dad to go w/ the made up voice in my head that plays when I read his sometimes hilarious, sometimes witty, sometimes amazingly sweet and sappy comments on your blog.

Cathy said...

I'm such a dumby. I also meant to say that the last car before our "new to us" honda odyssey was a red Dodge Caravan Sport. Just thought I would site ONE MORE reason it was meant to be...that we're friends, of course.;)

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I also have a red Dodge Caravan...it is the ultimate in baseball mom gear.

Where are ya'll playing? Blake didn't play at all this year & it has been such an adjustment. I loved sweating & getting sunburned & dust in the eyes...actually, I really do miss it!

Anywho, the fields look similar to ours, so was wondering if your close?

Jim said...

Why do you think you have a Jim-Dad in the first place? It's to take the pics your "cheerleading" won't allow. I got them batting, catching, in the line-up (yeah, you're right about Keaton's dog!), and shaking hands with the winners at the end. I thought this was why I was along in the first place. And remember what I said about sitting in that chair that wouldn't let me up? Well, aren't you glad now that I stood up for the whole game? If'n I'd "chaired" for the whole game whilst you "cheered" I'da ne'er got one'o them thar picshurs at'all, by crackee!

And oh, Cathy, thanks for your words of encouragement from this "sappy pappy"! I truly delight in my Amb's blogeeps. I hope you know how much she hearts you all! You know, you should plan a "convention" down the road, dotcha think?

Well, Amb, today you've another chance to take your pics, but just in case you're preoccupied, my camera's at ready.

By the way, your little rascal slept well last night.

See ya at breakfast in a little.

Kendra said...

Sometimes you need to live in the moment and not worry about capturing it on film. That's my philosophy. Try telling that to my mom, who wants me to video tape EVERY SINGLE THING that Sam does!

Go team!!! Enjoy Blytheville. And you do know we are only 100 miles away? I'm just sayin'.

Mich said...

Awww...I so wish I was there with you. I would probably take a few more pics, but truthfully I would probably be cheering with you.

Love the cute picture of mom and dad in their shirts. Thanks!

Hug the boys and tell them I'm very proud!

Cathy said...

Aren't you the sweetest! SO glad you got those "moments" on film for Amb. I think a convention is a definite!! AND I forgot to mention that I have a Jim-Dad too! Although he's officially a James-Dad but goes by Jim...:) And I OFTEN rely on him to snap some pics while I'm otherwise engaged.


Elizabeth said...

I felt bad every time I went to a baseball game without the camera. And I'm the worst cheerleader ever. I'm a better soccer mom, I guess. I have hundreds of pictures from soccer games.

mimi said...

I've noticed I miss out on some of the fun if I'm too busy taking pictures. You cheered, you hugged, they jumped(on the bed)....great memories!! How cool that they made the all-star team....my boys would be very impressed.

mimi said...

BTW-I love putting a face to Jim-Dad's comments. He reminds me of a celebrity comedian...can't think of the name (Don Rickles maybe??)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I am both shocked and dismayed.

You are my bloggy role model and you did not set a good example for schlubs like me.

I hope the boys aren't too disappointed. I think it was just exciting (and an honor) that they got to go! Yea, team!

Jim said...

Just a comment for "Mimi":
Over the years some have said that I favored a comedian, but not Don Rickles. It was Bob Hope! Come to think about it, though, both of them did bear a slight resemblance to each other, so maybe, in a "round-a-bout" way they favored me, errr, I favored them. Whatever!
Amb's Jim-Dad

Mocha Momma said...

Hi Amber. I just ame over from Mich's blog to check out yours.

Don't be hard on yourself, mom. You, your hubby and the kids will have the memories and maybe you are more likely to journal than you are to take pictures. There's an idea.

Sounds like you are busy with baseball this summer.

Have a great evening,
Nannette from Life: Be In It

Gretchen said...

Jim-Dad and Mom, so nice to meetcha. Wow...I feel all special to put names to faces now.

Your car is so CLEAN, Amber. RHonda Odyssey hangs her head in shame.

Sorry about the losses, but you're winners in fun.

Jennifer said...

I wish I had a picture of YOU climbing the fence!!

So fun mom-ish of you!!

So proud of the boys!!

Love ya!!