We Are Family.....Day 1

At this very moment, I am yelling, “Pipe down!” to the crew in the backseat.

And opening the 57th stick of beef jerky for the same crew.

And searching my purse frantically making sure I remembered to pack my Prozac.

Because Day 1 of We Are Family has officially started. And I already am on the verge of a panic attack.

This morning started off with a mad rush of throwing clothes in a suitcase that I knew I really wouldn’t want to wear once next Monday comes, and packing up all the junk food fodder I could find in the house.

Then it was off to the dentist. Ick. And hairapy. Yay. And then I had my waxing lady who speaks no English take my one eyebrow back down to two. Ouch.

After the husband got home from his ½ day of work, we set out to meet the rest of my family for our big lapse in judgment when we planned this crazy outing of togetherness roadtrip.

We met up at Chic-Fil-A, which is always delightful, I must say. I found out the sad news today that the little piece of chicken coop heaven isn’t found on the West Coast, and I actually mourned for you Westies. Because you don’t know what you’re missing. And it makes me sad for you. Truly sad.

And now we’re in the car. Somehow Kirk and I got lucky enough to get the van with all the boys. While my sister is riding in the lap of peaceful luxury with my parents and my niece. How this happened, I have no idea, but I am joyfully awaiting the jewel in my crown that is deserved for such a feat as this.

Look at these angels. They could never cause any trouble, you say.

Uh huh. Sure. Okay.

And so we drive.

And eat our 58th stick of beef jerky.


I’m now in what just might be the grossest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Seriously. Waiting for the roach to crawl across the toe of my high heeled shoe. Sorry. I digressed into a Fancy moment.

I guess it isn’t that bad, but I’ve become somewhat of a hotel snob since the husband has been carting me around to hotels which decorate with bamboo. This is what I get for PriceLining.

I might be a teensy bit more upset about my sleeping conditions, but I just can’t stay upset for very long. Because my belly is fat and full of what just may have been the most delicious food I’ve tasted in awhile. Against Jim-Dad’s urgings to “just find a Golden Corral near the hotel,” we who prefer to make our vacations all about the food steered our herd in the direction of The Old Spaghetti Factory.


‘Nuff said.

And I ate this.

And then we smiled for pictures.

(That's Me and ole' Jim-Dad)

(Mich and Kev)

(Me and my Mama)

And then the overzealous waiter named Tony, who was very excited about his job, sang to Keaton for his upcoming birthday.

And then we smiled for more pictures.

(Kev and Mr. I Don't Smile)

(Grammy and Kayla)

(Jordan and Tate)

(Me and my big sissy)

And some of us just ate our food.

(That would be Sawyer. And a noodle.)

And then I got us lost while trying to find the hotel. Yes. I had GPS. But, for the record, I never said that I was good at navigating, and never asked to be chief navigator. So therefore, I relinquish all responsibility for the scenic tour through the Nashville ghetto.

And so winds down We Are Family Day 1.

Only thing missing was the Karaoke that Jim-Dad wanted to sing. And I think he just might have been serious.
There is always tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

Love the digression into "Fancy". Very funny stuff.

Jessica said...

Sounds like a fun first day! and now I'm singing Fancy. and i'm also up at 1:40 in the morning because I just made some pants. well I just finished them after 3 hours of making them =) Can't wait to hear about day two!

Michele said...

As always you're making me laugh over here. I must say you are one brave girl for a family road trip like that. We took one to TX a few years back and I'm still having nightmares about it:) Hope "We are Family" roadtrip is a huge success. Can't wait to read more. Love, love, love, The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Jessica said...

Hey, at least you're not eating McDonald's. 'Cause I seem to remember a certain mission trip we went on with your dad where we stopped at every McDonald's between Missouri and Wyoming. I think we may have convinced him to eat somewhere else for ONE meal on the road. Blech. I'm jealous of your Spaghetti Factory pit stop.

And no, the waitor singing to Keaton does NOT count as his birthday party!

Jim said...

Now, what would be more "con'try" in Ccuntry Town USA than "Golden CORRAL"? Now, I'm glad we went to the SPAGETTI FACTORY (Kay's remark was that there was everything on the menu BUT REGULAR SPAGETTI) and the food was DELISH. The atmosphere was out.of.this.world, literally - it was from 50 years ago - (I'll post my own blog of picts later) I especially liked the six foot backed KING ARTHUR chairs.

And OH, the motel! It wasn't that bad. Your roach's cousin SPIDEE was in the bathroom this morning - I couldn't catch him, BUT, faithful GRAMMY permanently eliminated his future walks with a well placed flopper houseshoe. I tell ya, she's got a wicked arm when it comes to varmints, dotcha know.

Thanks for the tour, too. Your ROSIE was being followed by my SARAH (GPS) and was anticipating every U-TURN retrace. It made for a great and enjoyable tour of CONTRY TOWN.

Wal, now, lil' sister, get up and get after the grub. We'ens got to round up the cattle and get them on down the road. Yaheer?

Lindsay said...

Hey Amber... Along with using PriceLine for reservations, You might consider www.tripadvisor.com both to help you steer clear of bad hotels along with the opportunity to vent.

Love your trip pics and journal but eager to see you back home for a spell too.

buscher3 said...

Ha - I just made the biggest discovery! I had no idea that your sister was married to Kevin Henry. Darin, my hubby, (known to them as Spud)went to school with both of them. He knew Kevin pretty well from what I gather. How cool is that? You'd think I'd have figured that one out before.

So on another note - now that you have arrived, or are arriving, let the fun begin! Getting there's always the hardest part. Coming back, sleep dominates most of the trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad we get to vicariously do "We Are Fam" with you!! Sorry about the roach, but the fact that you used it to quote "Fancy" makes me want to nominate your blog for some sort of prize. Pure genius, I tell you!

Gretchen said...

I was gonna comment about how fun & silly this post is, but I can't get the words "flopper houseshoe" outta me head.
Hope day 2 is as blogiful. Could Mich & Kay LOOK any more alike? I think not.

Take the grown up car today. Bet it won't b as fun, but you'll need less medication.

Elizabeth said...

It looks like one of the funnest road trips I've ever seen. At least you're not eating McDonald's:)

Nina Diane said...

Oh Miss Fancy girl....you just crack me up! have fun...

Carpoolqueen said...

I have one that eats noodles as artfully as yours does. In public. Nice.

I only ask him NOT to do it if the President ever invites him to dinner.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I LOVE Spaghetti Factory. I am so jealous of your road trip. I have discovered a new love for all things road-trippy. I should have stowed away in your luggage. How fun would that have been?!

And karaoke? You are speaking Wes' love language. Tell Jim-Dad that he would totally karaoke with him since you guys are no fun.

Cathy said...

Oh that Jim-Dad. Now Jim-Dad karaoking is something that I HAVE to see...that just make it on to my bucket list. Make him pinkie swear (if he does that sort of thing) that he'll oblige if ever I come for a visit.

And dearest Amberlin...I heart thee for thy road trip likemindedness, thy references to Fancy, thy adoration of good food, and thy utterance of the line "Pipe down" which closely resembles MY road trip line of "It's time for NO talking. That means I don't want to hear you.".

Andrea said...

Sadly ~ no Chic-Fil-A where I live. I've heard it's divine. I did see one in California during our drive to the beach. I mentioned we should stop as we zoomed by at 80 miles an hour.

As for the Old Spaghetti Factory (or in some areas, Spaghetti Company) - yum yum yum! When I was younger, my friends and I used to eat there every Sunday after church because it was 2 for 1 with college ID. That particular one is long gone. The one where I live now is long gone too. I miss it so. I did get to eat at one when I was recently in California.

Apparently, I can't stop talking about the beach and California! I need another vacation!

Jennifer said...

1."Fancy" is one of my favorite Reba songs!!

2.Thank you for the picture of your food...I am fulfilled!! LOL!!

3.That picture of the children is absolutely adorable!! Those kids could NEVER do wrong!!

4.Glad you are having a good time. Looking forward to more posts!!

5.Miss ya lots!!

mimi said...

Yummy food, family and great photos!! Love it.

Tiffani said...

Timing couldn't be better that I'm no longer pirating free internet that half works and I can comment while on vaca!!

I DO love the OSF (we have one in Atlanta but I'm taking you for the greasy hot dogs, onion rings instead)!

Look at you in that pic w/ your Mom..w/ your shoulder up model pose! Too cute!

And, I KNOW that Fancy quote was for me! ;)