Betcha Didn't Know.... (Otherwise Known As: Useless Info)

....that I got a sunburn on my face today. While I was wearing my groovy giraffe print sunglasses. And now resemble this guy. Minus the rabid scary teeth.

....that as a result of said sunburn, I will now be answering to "Ranger Rick-ita."

....that while scarfing down the remnants of some Cinnamon Toast Crunch that one of the kids left in a bowl that just happened to be positioned 3 inches from my computer (and I never let good food go to waste...especially if it is in close proximity to me), I discovered that I must also be allergic to cinnamon. Because now my mouth itches. And so do my ears.

.....that it really stinks. Because I heart cinnamon.

.....that the only thing that I dislike that is cinnamon are the candles. But thankfully those aren't edible, so I didn't feel like I was missing out on much, until about 10 minutes ago when my new food allergy decided to rear its nasty little head.

.....that both my sister and I have weird food allergies. I can't eat watermelon. She can't eat chocolate. I think I got the better end of that deal.

.....that I ordered a Diet Dr. Pepper Float at Sonic today and thought briefly about how it was ridiculous to be ordering a Montana sized slab of icecream and then drizzling it with diet soda. But whatever. It made me feel better.

.....that my living room looks like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg threw up in it. There are StormTroopers and LightSabers covering every square inch. And I have the imprint of Hon Solo's face on the bottom of my right foot. I thought about getting frustrated. But, I'm thinking of bobby pinning my hair into Leia-like donuts and joining the party. If you can't beat 'em...join 'em. Right?

.....that I rented movies from the almighty Red Box three days ago.

.....that I keep forgetting to take the almighty Red Box movies back...thus totally nulling and voiding the magic of the $1 movie. I am now up to $12. Awesome.

.....that I probably will forget to take them back tomorrow, too. $16. Cha-ching.

.....that I have 3 lightbulbs burned out in major areas of our house. And they have been like this for a week. Who needs to see in the hallway anyway?!

.....that I didn't watch the Michael Jackson hoopla yesterday.

.....that for half a second I felt like I was missing out on something.

.....that I got over that really fast.

.....that the husband will be home in about 35.4 minutes, and I haven't even given the first thought as to what to cook for dinner. Let alone pull any meat out of the freezer to thaw.

.....that I had an In Real Life meeting today....kinda. I met one of my bloggy friend's husbands....does that count?! And it was while I was eating pizza. And I wasn't really sure if picture taking was in order. (Hey, Christy....wish it had been you!!! No offense to your hubs!!)

.....that I still haven't pulled any meat out of the freezer.

.....that I'm so thankful for my friends. My IRL friends. My Blogerrific friends. And my Family friends. Y'all are just darn special. And I heart ya. Like icy strawberry popsicles on a hot, steamy South Arkansas day.

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****And so you'll have something to comment on today, other than my absurd cinnamon allergy, I'm taking a poll. I call that carbonated drink (like Dr. Pepper or Coke) a "soda." What do you call it?!****


Mich said...

"Soda." (or I use "Coke" for all sodas.)

Yes, we do have some pretty crazy allergies. You didn't even mention all of mine! Life really isn't fair, is it?

Love ya!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

It's a COKE!!!

Well you know what I think Cinnamon does to me...so we're in it together!

Anne said...

"Soda" for sure:).

Wow, if I had to pick which one to be allergic to, I'm not sure what would win. I love both watermelon and chocolate! Good thing I can have both;).

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Noooooo! You can't be allergic to cinnamon. What about the cinnamon pizza at the Shack?!

All sodas are "Cokes." I once knew someone who called them "Pop" which is just ridiculous.

And, to all of you who read my question I left for Amber on yesterday's post and immediately suspected the worst: I would like to defend my friend's honor! I did not have any particular event in mind when I asked about embarrassing moments. In fact, I just googled the game "Would You Rather?" and cut and pasted the sample question...'cuz I'm lazy like that. I am quite sure that Amber is dignified at all times. ;)

Beam Me Up Scotty said...

POP!!! But then I moved to MO and I got the "you have two heads" look when I would ask for it!

your one and only Canadian relative, by marriage,

Kendra said...

Soda. Always have, always will. My dad's from the boonies, so he calls is a "sodey". Thanks, dad.

I went SEVEN days with a Red Box in my purse. The red box is 1.3 miles from my house. SEVEN days! And I never even watched the movie! What's that about!

Jessica said...

I call it soda, and coke. and sometimes pop. sometimes. and at first glance, i thought you were going to have a fun story about a raccoon encounter. my mom has a raccoon as a pet, his name is Freddy.

Jessica said...

I called it pop until I moved to PB and was converted to soda because no one knew what I was talking about. Now I kinda float between the two, depending on who I'm talking to. My Tex-arkansan hubby makes fun of me when I call it pop, but whatev. He's just jealous because he doesn't have a cool Northern/Southern hybrid accent like me.

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

It's all coke down here in Louisiana!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

What is Red Box?

Jennifer said...

I own a Redbox movie thanks to the 25 day time limit!!

I say "Coke", unless my Ivy League 6 year old is around to correct me!! Cuz all I drink is Dr. Pepper, so therefore it is not a "coke"!!

And you, my dear, are the most distiquished person I know!! Just like Lisa said!!

Elizabeth said...

I call it "soda" but I want to call it "pop" the way my mom does. I like how that sounds so much better.

I'm anal and drove all the way to the Redbox tonight to return 2 movies we rented last night. I was not about to pay $2 more for those lame movies.

I get diet cokes to avoid sugar and then add in vanilla, which has more sugar than a regular coke probably does.

Jim said...

To all the blogettes - us'ens up-peer in the hills o' northern Arkansaw, well, we'ens jest call fer a "sody-pop", or maybe a "big-orange" or a "Nehi-Grape" sody pop, but hit's gooooood, no matter what cha call-hit!!

Wall, I think I'm a gonna git me one right NOW!

See ya,

Mocha Momma said...

That was a fun post. It tells a lot about you...you're normal. Funny too!

I call it soda pop! I think I do say pop at times and soda at other times.

I've lived in the PNW and on the east coast and in the Philippines so I picked up all kinds of things and sorted them out into my own form of the english language.

Thanks fo stopping by,

Kristin said...

Our house goes through a box of Cinnanmon Toast Crunch in nothing flat so I am sad for your allergy.

Also...no watermellon! Ouch! I could do without chocolate (I'm weird like that) but I love a nice cold watermellon during the summer.

Kristin said...

GAH! Watermelon. I knew it looked strange with 2 L's in it! :o)

Michele said...

YOu have me CRACKING up Ranger-Rickita and Princess-Leia!!! You never, ever cease to make me laugh. Sorry about the cinnamon allergy, but at least it's not chocolate, right?

Exactly why we don't do Red Box . . . it'd cost us a fortune. . . I'm way too scatterbrained for that thing . . .that's why I love blockbuster.com.

Hope you had something yummy for dinner.

We call all sodas a Coke even if it is Sprite, Pepsi, or Dr. P.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

I found your blog from my friend Tiffany's blog. You are hilarious. I don't have children, and I'm a terrible blogger. However, my idea of fun is sitting on my couch watching Gilmore girls and eating copious amounts of sugar. My definition of a good day is eating three bowls of ice cream. So I think I should be your friend. Which I find weird, because I'm not cool enough as Tiffany to have friends I've never met. Well, that's that my name is Elizabeth and I'm a rambler. And hope I have not weirded you out, I do not know proper blog etiquette for strangers.

Jennifer said...

Normally when I want a carbonated beverage I call it all "Coke." I get more specific when I actually go to the fridge to get what I want or when I order. I then use the correct name.

mimi said...

Many of the things you wrote were oh so similar to my day! I wish we had Sonic here....it sounds so nice and yummy.

Hope the sunburn is healing and the itchy mouth is...well, no longer itchy!

Cathy said...

oh my, does Jim-Dad ever crack me up...

Soda. Although in a previous life I MAY have called it "pop" or "coke" until I wised up. (don't be a hater, Lisa;))

And WHY do I often read your posts, and wonder why you're writing about MY day?

And I'd be surprised if Lucas/Spielberg vomit DIDN'T cover your house, what w/ 3 boys and all. My son can't play ANYTHING w/o LightSaber in hand. And apparently that's not enough. One must have 2 or 3, for it was announced that his garage sale money would buy him another one.

And betcha ya didn't know that I have NO guilt about not watching ANYTHING M.J. related. Seriously. If this world could give the same amount of notice of Christ's death...just sayin'.

AND my fav line of this post? "Minus the rabid scary teeth"

Andrea said...

I call it soda.

BUT - I also call any carbonated drink a "coke" whether it is or not. One day at work during lunch I mentioned I needed a coke. I went to the machine and came back with a Dr. Pepper (duh!). One of the other teachers said, "I thought you were getting a Coke." I looked at her like she had horns and said, "I did."

My parents were raised in Texas. I think that has something to do with it.