3 Days

This is the first time I've been on the computer in 3 days.

3 days.

I think that is like 3 weeks in online calendars. Because my inbox has been flooded with "Where are you?" and "You aren't posting....are y'all okay?" emails. I'm pretty sure Jim-Dad has been close to sending out a search party for me, because he becomes a bit verklempt when new reading material isn't ready and waiting for him each morning.

I wish I could tell you that I've been super busy. Or on a grand vacation. Or that my house is extremely degermed and defunktified during my unpluggedness. But...nope.

I've been around.

I just haven't been around here.

I've been taking naps. And snuggling with my boys. And playing games with friends and family. And playing front yard baseball games. And watching the Storm Chasers marathon on the Discovery Channel....which I'm not sure why I do, because it just petrifies me even more of severe weather than I already am.

And it has been great.

Because as much as I love this little box that holds so many of my friends and relationships, it is so nice to walk away from it and spend time with the people right in front of my face.

Summer is almost over, and I'm feeling it. And it is making me want to hold on to the seconds with my rascals with everything that I have. I'm not ready for the invasion of backpacks, homework, and khaki pants. I want to keep the smell of sunscreen, flip flopped feet, and lazy days of lounging on the couch around just a little bit longer.

So....if I'm a little behind on the blog reading, or I don't email like I should, or I don't post as often as I usually do....just know that we're okay.

I probably am just out in the front yard catching fly balls with Keaton. Or probably watching SpongeBob with my favorite redhead. Or probably playing SlapJack for the fourteenth time with the Tater Tot.

And I'm probably loving every second of it.


Jessica said...

yay for you for getting to spend some good quality time with your little ones! boo that school is about to start. and i do love a good storm stories marathon, especially right before a storm!

Mich said...

Love ya! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

mimi said...

Ditto and enjoy!! Well, not everything ditto...I don't have a red head and I've never watched storm chasers, but mostly ditto. Totally enjoy!

Carpoolqueen said...

I can smell the sunscreen from here. School's back in already and I'm doing backpacks and lunches, but I'm trying to steal as much summer as I can by smelling the roses, keeping it simple, and keeping things easy around the house for the boys.


Andrea said...

I hear you! But I'm still in school. My school year isn't over. And when it is, we will start up a new one two weeks later. Which means only one week off for me in between.

My father-in-law has been known to send pleading or threatening emails when I got too long without posting. He demands quality reading material.

Have fun with your boys!

Cathy said...

I'm hearin' ya loud and clear on that one. You're in good company!:) ...and by that I mean me (and your fam, of course:)).

Michele said...

Good for you!! Have fun and soak up very last minute of it!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

At least your readers noticed you were gone. I'm just sayin'...

You probably watch Storm Chasers for the same reason I watch Shark Week.

I miss summer already...sigh.