I Know An Arm That Is Going To Be Lookin' Mighty Faincy

So....I waited until just after midnight on the 11th to choose my winner. I would say it was because I was being super noble and all, giving everyone every last second to enter to win. But, it was really because I forgot that I was supposed to draw my winner until just a little while ago, and then I got sidetracked watching the Muhammad Ali/George Foreman fight from 30 something years ago. Don't ask.

Anyway....we have a winner of the super beautiful bracelet!!

And I couldn't be happier about who won!!


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers: 4

Timestamp: 2009-07-11 05:25:09 UTC

And that would be one of my best bloggy besties, CATHY from Dancing In the Rain!!!!!

Congratulations, Cat-a-lac!!! Love ya and all your HSM dance moves!!!!


Jim said...

I send congrats to Cathy on her win.

Now, Amber, what happened to the questions? And my answer? Is that coming in the next installment with the little tidbits of info from Mrs. Rascals's life?

My eyes are glued to the monitor! Always glad to gleen insights into what mom and I have brought into the world.

With much anticipation and love,

Kendra said...

It's RIGGED, I'll tell you. RIGGED! I'll never enter your contests again!!!! boo-hoo

Mich said...

Congrats to Cathy!

Dad, you are too funny!

Cathy said...

I freaking can.not.believe.I.actually.won.something!!!!!!! should I prepare an acceptance speech or would that just be rubbing it in??


And better than the fact that I won, is the fact that it's comin' all the way from my fellow PDDP lovin', HSM dancin' racooned faced, "fun"mom,junk food snobbin', all kinds of funny, whitty, encouraging and cool friend! Thanks Amberly!;)

Michele said...

Shoot fire!! I sure wanted to win that thing!! Are you sure you read the random integer generator # correctly? I think it was really whatever # my comment was. . . I think you may just be really sleepy and your eyes are a little blurry and have deceived you;)

Gretchen said...

Go Cathy. It's your birthday. Go Cathy.