He Held My Hand

He held my hand.

And told me that he loved me.

And said that it was the best day he'd ever had.

And I about cried. Because yesterday might just have been one of the best days I've ever had, too.

I'm with my little men. All.The.Time. And as much as I adore every single one of them and love their little personalities and their funny selves, nothing can be said for hanging with them one-on-one. And it just doesn't happen....very often at all. Unless you count the occasional trip to WalMart when I'm lucky enough to only have to keep up with one kid instead of three, but I hardly would describe hanging out in the aisles between the green peas and shampoo as quality.

On Tuesday, the whole family ventured to Silver Dollar City, the themepark of all things hillbilly and old-timey. Think corn-cob pipes, holes in your britches, and dancing saloon girls. We had a great time getting Jim-Dad on rides that blew his mind (quite literally, sometimes!!), eating over-priced food, and squishing through the park in wet tennis shoes and slippery flip flops.

We had such a great time, in fact, that we decided to make good on our season passes, and head back for Round 2. But by Wednesday morning, everyone had dropped out except for Keaton and me. I felt slightly hesitant about taking off for a day of romping around whilst leaving the younger two rascals with my mother, but soon got over that and headed out.

And I'm so glad we went. Because we had the best time together.

Keaton giggled at me when I was dripping from hair to toe nail from riding the WaterBoggon for the 4th time. We discussed the all-importance of knowing the difference between StormTroopers and CloneTroopers (which I still do not, by the way). We gorged ourselves on funnel cakes and mountain-sized chocolate chip cookies. I listened as he told me about how he still thinks girls are gross. He snickered at me for screaming like a schoolgirl on the WildFire. And I so thoughtfully didn't bring up the fact that I was the one that had to BRIBE him to get on the ding dang roller coaster in the first place. And I smiled from ear-to-ear when he announced to the strangers riding a ride with us that he was "hangin' with my mama. Just me and her. No brothers." And we laughed. A lot.

And he held my hand.

And I couldn't help but want to scoop him up and snuggle him. Because in just a few years he'll be a teenager. And he'll be walking around themeparks holding his girlfriend's hand. And he'll leave me at home. With the brothers.

A beautiful day.

With my little man.

Oh, for a million more just like it.


Cathy said...

Thanks for making me blubber, sigh, and sniffle. For you made me relive my now-not-so-recent "date" with my oldest boy. And I, too, felt EVERYTHING you just felt.

They'll still ALWAYS be our babies. No.matter.what.

Jim said...

Now I just figured that was what was going on yesterday with you two. Glad I bowed out - and not just because of the WILDFIRE's dreaded FIVE UPSIDE DOWN LOOPS I had promised I'd try with you two days ago. (Of course, I was told BY YOU that there were THREE until a fellow line "waiter" from Louisiana revealed the truth!) Still, I woodda dun hit anyways but I'm glad you and the KEA had the day to CHILL tagathar!

They do go up! Take advantage of these times.

Your heartfelt

Libby said...

thats precious =]

Elizabeth said...

This is so, so wonderful. Time with our kiddos one-on-one is priceless!

Elizabeth said...

p.s. I got the book today. It's a good thing, because we're headed to Branson tomorrow!!

Elizabeth said...

p.s.s. Thank you for sending it. I love you!

Mary @ Simple Things said...

What a day! Made me wish mine were that age again. I would suggest putting reminder on a calendar somewhere to read this again about the time he turns 12 and daily thereafter. You'll need to remember a day when mommy was still his number one girl.

Mich said...

I am so glad you got to spend the day together. He will never forget days like that. Of course us moms won't either! :)

Love ya!

Kendra said...

That's just too sweet!

Jo said...

OK...sob...now you got me! What a special day for the both of you! I'm glad it worked out that way. The other two will have their "dates" with their mom in due time.
So glad the weather cooperated, too.
Aunt Jo

Becky said...

Love the picture! Sweet day! Makes me think to cherish these days w/Ethan more....esp our days just us at Magic Springs.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Priceless! K's got such a tender heart. He's gonna be a real keeper some day for some lucky girl!

Amy Fulmer said...

You are so right...those times together with just one of 'em...priceless. I love seeing how they interact and having a big, crazy family, but I also cherish those times alone. They.Are.Special.

And, lets not talk about that teenager thing that is yet to come....I am in denial.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

So sweet, they grow up so fast and it's nice when they still want to be with their mama's. Good for you for seizing the opportunity to have one on one time with your little guy!

I love SDC and want to take my kids sometime for them to enjoy it like I did growing up!

Jennifer said...

So glad you had a great day!! He will probably remember this for the rest of his life!!

Don't even want to think about the teenage years!! I'm having enough trouble with the single digit years!!

Glad ya'll made it home safely!! My guy really missed your guys!!

Love ya!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Amber, I am totally choked up over here. What an amazing young man you are raising! And I just LOVE that he's not too grown up or "cool" or whatever, that he can still hold his mama's hand and love hanging out with you.

Andrea said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure he gold plated and laminated your fun card yesterday!

I love having special time like that with my girls. They are growing up way to fast for my taste. I love how they act when they are alone with me since they don't have to compete with each other for attention.

mimi said...

What a sweet retelling of what sounds like a beautiful, lovely and cuddly day!!! Awesome! One on one time is just wonderful. They DO grow so fast...wahhhh(that's me crying).

Gretchen said...

Me thinks I'm a bit wistful, now. What a lurvely time, friend. And well you know to cherish it.

Now that I have a newly minted teenager, I have to say, things are different. But special, too. So, we lose a little and we gain a little. Love a lot.

Jessica said...

What a sweet little man! And congrats on your one on one time!

Tiffani said...

Shut up! I'm commenting at 12:30am my time and I have teary eyes...

Oh my. What sweet unforgettable moments together...what a sweetie he is and kudos to you for getting out. again. when you could've chilled w/ your parents instead.

Makin' memories. It's the best.

Man, is he beautiful, is he too old for JuJu you think? At least you have 3 to choose from for her!

Oh, and your hair looks LONG in this pic JB!

Kellie said...

And the great thing is that he will remember that day forever too. The day he got to be an only child!

Great post!

Terry Lewallen said...


Michele said...

Awww. I'm all teary-eyed. Man those one-on-one dates are the very, very best!!! Sometimes it takes a lot of work and effort to work them out, but boy are they worth it . . . a million times over. I know you both will remember this day forever!! You're such a great mom!