I Have a Little Pet...His Name is Peeve

Don't you love how people make comments about things and actually act like they are the first ones that thought of it? No, seriously. Some things are understandable, but comments like, "Wow...you are the only girl in a house full of boys," and "Sawyer has red hair," just leave me wanting so badly to say something completely rude and obnoxious about the speaker being a master of the obvious.

Last night I had someone give me the "only girl" line. What am I supposed to say? "Oh my gosh. You're right. I just noticed."

I'm sure that phrases like that are just conversation starters, but, seriously, they grate on my nerves. Oh, I just thought of another one..."You must be busy." Of course I'm busy!!! That is why my hair is half out of my ponytail, my shirt is untucked, I have a kid hanging on my leg, I'm hollering at the other two, and we eat nothing at my house except mac-n-cheese. Uh, yah...I'm busy. Again, masters of the obvious.

Now that I've let you in on one of my pet peeves, let me let you in on a couple more...just because I'm feeling peevie (is that even a word?)...

  • anybody who is rude to anybody else (by my above words, I sound pretty nasty, but I try to never actually be rude to anybody's face....at all the obvious-fact-masters, I smile and laugh like it is the funniest and most clever thing I've ever heard!) -- I really can't stand it when people make other people feel like pig slop...
  • people thinking that I'm really young. I've been told that one day I will appreciate this, but I haven't reached the point yet of thanking people for telling me that I look like I'm in my early twenties. (You know what I mean...the women that promise more Christmas presents to their grandchild who told them that they thought they were 33. I'm not there yet.) I actually had a girl at school Friday ask me if I was a new student...she said I looked 16. Because I try not to be rude (see above note!), I smiled and told her how old I really am. But what I really wanted to say was, "Yes, I'm 16. I graduated early from high school at the age of not-even-thought-about-yet, married at the age of 5, had my first child at the age of 8, and had special exceptions issued for me so that I could drive and vote all before the age of 2."
  • Wal-Mart taking items off the shelves just when I get used to something. This one really gets under my skin. I can't stand finding something really great, and then going back the next time to find that they've X'd it off the shelf. I want to throw a maniacal crazy-person fit right there, but I don't. I just think ugly things in my mind. Looking over this I'm realizing that I might be in need of therapy.
  • dishes and laundry that multiply. I'm sure that this is probably all under my control... but, I do sometimes think that there is an invisible something-or-other that sneaks around and uses our dishes and wears our clothes just for the pure satisfaction of seeing me have to wash them and put them away again.
  • towels not folded the right way. I seriously sometimes have the urge to refold people's towels for them when I visit their homes and spot their towels. Fine if you don't fold your towels at all and just leave them in the basket, but if you're gonna fold 'em...fold 'em right. Someone told me once that I needed to write a book, but I don't have anything to write a book about. I think I've just found a topic...towel folding...oh, and facing the toilet paper and paper towel flaps the right way.
  • teachers who do a whole lot more screamin' and hollerin' than teachin'. If you don't like the education profession, leave please. You make the rest of us look bad.

Okay...that's enough. I could go on about how I detest the little pop-up places caused by hangars on my shirts (especially if that is the only reason as to why I'm having to plug in my iron) and how I really become annoyed when I get the wobbly-wheeled buggy at Wal-Mart. I could tell you about my irritation with finding empty pitchers or milk jugs in the refrigerator and my dissatisfaction with humid, muggy days that mess up all the hard work that me and my straightening iron put in on my hair...but, I won't.

I'm going to try to end on a positive note. No more being rude and gripey. I'm going to try to act my age (which is NOT 16....okay, that one is still bugging me).

I think I'm going to go...uh, let's see...maybe be BUSY being the ONLY GIRL IN A HOUSE FULL OF BOYS! :)


Jim said...

Mom just asked, "How many houses do you go to where you are concerned about the towels?" Any house in particular?

Now, you got that "pet" about the TP and PT from me! It's really hard to find the end when it's on the backside of the roll, idn't it?

And I can totally get your message with the Walmart cart. When I push one of those, ta-clump, ta-clump, ta-clump, I feel like all eyes are on me as though I had a war going on in my stomach! It's enough to make a war go on in my stomach! I usually take it back and get another one.

I used to have one we've remedied around here. We used the same toothpaste and it always seemed to come to me with the stuffing squeesed out of the top, rather than pushing it from the bottom. Now we're uptown and have two bathrooms and two tubes.

Of course, you know how to make these "pets" stronger. You feed them more! Did-jagetit?

Love Ya,

Mich said...

Oh no, I hope I fold my towels right! :)

I totally understand how you feel about your little "pets." I have plenty myself. Especially the one about laundry and dishes... I have little fairies that live with me, but instead of cleaning, they like to make a mess. I know this is the truth, because there is no way my family is that "dirty!!!" :)

Hope you've worked on your ark lately! Be safe! Love ya!

Becky said...

Amen sister! You keep right on preaching about towel folding, toilet paper, and Wal-Mart moving items. But...I don't want to hear about the age issue of yours. When I was 26, during a conversation w/a kind lady at the Arkadelphia library, she gasped when she heard my age and told me she thought I was 33! What?! I told Steph I didn't know if I should be insulted (b/c I looked that old) or flattered (b/c I was so mature and wise). Needless to say I don't feel your pain...I have been told this more than once. Now I smile and am thrilled when people think I am younger!

Mandy said...

I hope I fold my towels correctly . . . now I'm worried. I do it the way Martha Stewart does it, in thirds the long way, then fold-over twice . . .

Hey, you know what? We both have Sawyer's with red hair! (Just to point out more obvious things!)

Of course my pet peeve is people who say "Soyer"!

buscher3 said...

Ah, the subject of pet peeves. I hear you on all of those...especially the age thing. I got carded at walmart a couple of years ago for buying rubber cement. My biggest one is people who drive down pine street at 20 miles an hour and then slow down even more when the speed limit increases.

And my newest one is "oh, you're so big...and you're only 8 weeks? You must be having twins" Yeah, that's a real self-esteem booster. Got that one from my own father of all people. Be thankful those days are over.

sprocketqueen said...

You go!!