Labor Day

It's Labor Day...the day to take a break from all the labor that we do. And all I can think of is all the labor that I have to do this week.

I have to find the time this week to:

  1. clean my house (the toilets are pretty gross)
  2. do the laundry from our trip
  3. unpack suitcases (the worst part of going anywhere, I think)
  4. clean out my closets, attic, and shed for the garage sale this weekend
  5. price all my garage sale stuff

Plus....work a full time job.

Hmmmm....I need another Labor Day to get all my labor done. One around Wednesday would be great....


buscher3 said...

While you're at it...you want to come clean out our packrat closets so we can make room for this new baby?? ;-)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My mantra during busy weeks is this: It will all get done, it will all get done, it will ALL get DONE.

It really will!

Stephanie said...

Bring over the laundry and the yard sale stuff and i'll do your laundry while i price your stuff.

I know I'm crazy!!!!!!!!!