I'm Actually Falling Asleep Typing This

Exhaustion is taking over.

My nerves are just about shot (okay, all the way shot), my eyes are starting to cross, and I'm bumping into walls (really happening).

I'm waiting on soccer socks to wash so I can get them in the dryer -- then I get to go to bed! I'm also waiting on Keaton to go to sleep...because I'm on tooth fairy duty tonight. So, I thought I would spend a few minutes online to try and keep awake...seemed less painful than the toothpicks in the eyelids.

This week has dragged on for what seems like years. I look at the calendar and can't believe that we've only been in school 24 days...seems like ages to me. I have had to use great restraint to not sleep through some of my classes today. We've started the meet-yourself-coming-and-going schedule now that baseball and soccer are up and running. We have one day off a week from sports, and so far we've played anyway on that day, too. I feel like I'm living out of the minivan. I think that there are more uniforms and cleats in the van than there are in the house. I haven't cooked an actual meal in probably weeks; my poor family is subjected to meals of all-things-fast-and-easy like popcorn chicken, mac-n-cheese, and bologna sandwiches. My last "HOT" meal was from the McDonald's drive-through, and even that was debatable.

So I sit here with a sleepy headache, fuzzy contact lenses, and shaky fingers. I probably could sleep well into the afternoon tomorrow if given the chance...but, that can't happen.

Lucky me gets to wake up at the EXACT same time that I do during the week to get my precious littlest baby to his soccer game at 7:45 in the morning. Yes, I said 7:45 on a Saturday morning.

Better set the coffee maker after strapping on my tooth fairy wings....gonna need it in the morning.


Mich said...

I'll dream about you while i sleep in... I'm mean aren't I? Isn't that what sisters are for? Actually, Jordan's games are on Mondays and Tuesdays so we don't have soccer on Saturdays unless it's a tournament. I'm glad!
Hope you have a fun day! Tell the boys to score for their Auntie!
Love ya!

Jim said...

How old are you? Sounds like the "bug" I had last night and I've got years of experience to blame for my nodding off! You'll not believe it, but last night at midnight, Mom and I were both sitting at the keyboard, trying to get a list of houses together to see next week when we travel back homo. My fingers were doing their walking, er, stumbling, for my eyes were doing their best to unfocus for the night! I was worn out from the day. We finished a two-night dramatic presentation for the DAV/POW/MIA's local observance here and across the river. We were in character as a former POW Union soldier and his sweetheart/wife during the civil war. It went well. Had some city govt people there last night. Should be in the local paper with picts - we'll save you one. Anyway, I was literally singing,
"how tired I am, how tired I am, nobody knows how tired I am."

Now, here's my tip for you. You had better pace yourself. It's a lot easier to "get stuff" when you're worn out and don't rest, and you get older faster, too. Ok, "dr. Mom"? I know, I know. I need a dose of that medicine, too!

Well, try anyway. We love you!


Jim said...

Oops! See, I was still nodding a minute ago when I made the typo - It's "home" not "homo"!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I won't tell you what time I woke up this morning. You might be jealous.

Hope you have fun at soccer! I'll be praying you find time to squeeze in a nap!

buscher3 said...

Wow...the life of a minivan sports mom. What great fun I get to look forward to. Hang in there...it means the world to them that you're there supporting them.

Stephanie said...

I got a nap today...it was nice. Hope you did to. Thanks for listen to me vent today!

Lisa said...

You are such a better mom than I am! I skipped Caitlin's 9:00 game this morning so I could sleep in. (Wes is such a good sport!) Slept 'til 11:00. I know, I'm a slug!