A "Second" Look

Right this second...

  • Keaton is playing army men in the living room. He has quite a spread set up. What is really interesting is that he has them set up in a barnyard. Because, you know, that a split-rail fence is excellent cover from sniper fire!
  • Sawyer is playing with a football that I saw him with earlier. I know because he's screaming from the living room that he promises he didn't throw it. Interesting! Okay, then...I promise that I didn't just eat 4 cookies and a bag of cheetos.
  • Tate is running around wearing nothing but undies, bright blue soccer socks, and his new cleats. Oh, and he's shooting me and and his brothers with a green toy gun. I think they put people in jail who choose to do that kind of thing in public.
  • Kirk is on his way home from work. What usually takes him 20 minutes will take him 45 tonight. Our roads are flooded out, so he's taking the LLOONNGG way around....this is when I ask him, "Why exactly don't we live in town?"
  • I'm sitting at the computer talking to you people and also pondering how exactly I'm going to get my ark built in time for the commute to school tomorrow. After I get my gopher wood ordered from EBay, I'm going to change clothes so I can scrummage around in my attic for more garage sale worthy treasures. I think that there may possibly be a ThighMaster up there....that will be almost too good to be true!

No one can ever accuse us of being boring...


buscher3 said...

You should just go give Byron Eubanks a call and see if he can lend you one of his canoes. If you guys live anywhere near the Ouachita River, just catch the "lake" downstream towards Ouachita schools.