Flood Day

So my gopher wood is on backorder.

Because of this setback, I couldn't get my ark built, and seeing as my minivan can't make it through the mile deep waters that are surrounding my house, I get a FLOOD DAY!

We knew last night that the curvy road right by our house (our normal route to everywhere we go) had fast rising water. So, we figured that by this morning, there would be no way we could make it through. So, (after staying up until midnight last night pricing yard sale items) I woke up an hour earlier this morning than usual so that we could leave extra early to go the LONG way around. I was exhausted, but made it. I prayed to Jesus in the shower that when I got out I would see the ticker on the news telling me that my district was out of school today. Nope. So, I got ready...slowly, but I did it.

Kirk left before me to go test the waters. Just as we expected our curvy road was flooded and there was a car stalled out. Not going that way. So, he turned around and went the long way. He called me (after I had already started out) to tell me that the highway on the long way was flooded out. No way to get to school. So, I turned around and cruised back into my driveway.

I made my phonecalls to the people I needed to while I was still dressed in my khakis (because I think they make me sound more professional!), then I quickly changed into my sweats and a comfy shirt and now I'm just chillin'.

So, I guess Jesus heard my prayer this morning....kinda.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yay for you! Enjoy your day at home with the kiddos.

Jennifer said...

Have a good day today! Shelby's out of school too...I know we just live 2 blocks away but they called school totally off today. Of course I think Shelby would rather be in school :(.

Jennifer said...

In case you're wondering, that was a sad face at the end of my sentence. You really can't tell that so much now!

Mich said...

No fair! I could have used a free day!

Lisa said...

I hope you get your ark built in time to bring your stuff to Steph's. Good luck!