My Epiphany (Thanks to Red, Swollen Eyes)

I woke up with both of my eyes matted shut. I feel like someone just stretched my eyelids open and poured a gallon of glass shards in each eye. I can barely see to type this, and my glasses are giving me a headache the size of New Hampshire.

Enough whining. But I will go on to tell you that I am home today with pink eye. Gross. I have medicine and am prying my eyes open enough every so often to squeeze the drops in my already stinging eyes. Sorry, more whining.

I sent the boys on to school this morning and was left thinking about an entire day to myself. What wonderful things I could get accomplished! Only problem is that I can't see well enough to do anything that requires vision usage (uh, everything) for any long amount of time and wearing my glasses gives me such a headache that I can't even fumble my way through much of anything even if I could see to do it.

I've laid in bed for a couple of hours now. Tried to read a book, but could barely make out the words. I don't feel like watching TV through squinty eyes, and though my chore-list is long, I really don't feel like even tackling any of them. But, my VERY QUIET stay in the sheets has left me time to do some much needed thinking and praying.

And this is why I'm drippy-eyeing my way through this blog post.

I think I'm in much need of an E-Break. I've become so consumed with this computer and all of my friendships that are contained within its web-pages and dot-coms, that I'm really beginning to lose some focus. All morning I have argued with myself over being so frustrated that I actually didn't feel like spending the entire solid day blogging, surfing, and facebooking. I thought I must be losing my mind. That's when I realized that I've done too much.

I've spent countless hours blogging about my messy house and changing my facebook status to comments about my piles of laundry....I should have taken the time to get out of this chair to go do something about it. I've become frustrated for many, many minutes about my pictures of my children not up-loading properly.....I should have gotten up out of this chair and just gone and played with my real-life kids, not the ones trapped in my camera.

So, I don't know how long I'll be gone. It may be just a day or two, may be longer. But, I really want to make a concerted effort to get some things straightened out at home before I sit down here again to peruse the pages.

It is going to drive me crazy to not know what is going on with all of you for a few days....but, I'll be back, I promise. Just an E-Break.

Now I need to lie down and get a tissue.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You'll be missed, but I totally understand!

Hope you feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

Oh yuck! I HATE pink eye! It's the worst! Hope you get over it soon and have a nice "break." I know how consuming the computer can be and totally understand your situation! Have fun!

Stephanie said...

Oh my!!!! Pink Eye! I'm glad I didn't get close to you last night! I'll miss you tonight. I hope that doesn't mean I have to keep score b/c who knows what the score will be.

I understand about the blogging and computer stuff. Take as much time as you need....I feel like it's my fault I got you started on this.

Mich said...

You mean we have to go back to talking on the phone? :)

I love you! Feel better soon!

Alison said...

Get to feeling better...and I'm glad that your epiphany has led you to do something about it.

Lisa said...

I miss you. Come back soon!