Random Goodrum-ness

Where is my camera? I think I lost it. Actually I could probably find it if I tried hard enough, but the truth of the matter is I'm too lazy to get up right now to look for it. But, if I did want to forgo my slothishness, this is what I would take a picture of:

Tate in his bed. He's hugging a pirate sword (we just rented the "real people" Peter Pan, so we are back on a pirate kick) and singing his ABC's...he always leaves out Q, R, S, T, U, and V. He has his feet propped up on the slats of Sawyer's top bunk. He's just a-singin' and a-huggin' that sword...has no idea I'm watching.

Sawyer is up on the top bunk. He's dressed in only his "long boxers." Those are really just pajama bottoms, but tonight he called them by their new name. He is flying a little green motorcycle through the air while mumbling to himself about something or other. Oh, wait. He is wearing something else. One glove. He's channeling Michael Jackson.

Keaton is in bed. He worked hard "cleaning" his room tonight. His idea of cleaning and my idea of cleaning are completely different, but I've decided that I really don't care anymore. So what if he used an entire box of ziplock baggies to "organize" his things. Whatever. Right now he is surrounded with about a gazillion stuffed animals. These will all end up in the floor by morning, but for right now, he's enjoying all his buddies.

Kirk is watching a manly guy movie. There is a whole lot of shooting and fast cars. He made some comment about getting to watch it because I always make him watch girly movies. So not true....well, maybe a little true.

My cat and dog are cuddled up on the deck. I saw them when I went to close the blinds. Indiana, our cat, always sleeps in between the front paws of Ozzie, our dog. Really cute. Like cheezy calendar picture worthy cute.

So if I had the energy to get up and hunt for my camera, I'd take a picture. Why? Because even though it is nothing spectacular and nothing amazing....it is US. These are the little precious random snippets of Goodrum life that make this family work. Because pirate swords, Michael Jackson imitations, and fighting over movies are what we do here. It wouldn't be US without them. And, well, I Like Us.

So blessed.


Mich said...

So you... I can picture every family member doing and saying exactly what you wrote!
Have a good day tomorrow! Love ya!
Hug the pirate, the Michael Jackson wannabe, the professional organizer and the recovering couch potato for me! :)

Jim said...

You are gonna wish you had gottin' up and got that pictur-taker one of these days! I can remember some of those of you and Mich that I wish I taken. Of course, you both have so many of those "photo-times" now that what you need to do is carry one on a strap around your neck!
As for us, this morning we're still without power so seeing anything outside of what a flashlight beam can reveal is all imagination! But, we're surviving through it all.
Your crew sounds like it is, too!
Give a hug for us!
Love you,

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Very sweet, Amber!

You didn't take the photo, but you captured it perfectly with your words!

Amy Fulmer said...

You will be so glad you wrote about it. I am always catching myself in moments where I think, "I never want to forget how they (talk, look, smell, etc.) I am so afraid that there are already things I wanted to remember, but don't.

sprocketqueen said...

This really warmed my heart, thinks for reminding us that we need to slow down and capture those moments, you did a awesome job creating the pictures!!

Jo said...

Oh, I think I was born in the wrong era: B.C. That's "Before Computers! I know I took lotsa pictures with my little Kodak or Brownie (many, many moons ago). But, this "blogging thing" or even journaling via a computer, makes it so much easier to record all the little things that mothers would like to remember forever. Back "in the day" a person could write down stuff in a notebook or something, but there just didn't seem to be the time to do it (if they thought of it at all). The computer, as aggravated as I get with it sometimes, is a great tool and labor saving device.
Your posts are so enjoyable to read and it helps me feel connected. I love you all.
Aunt Jo