Rotten day.

Feel fluish.

Have too much laundry to do.

Need to feed kids.

Just want to crawl in bed and sleep 'till next Tuesday.


Amy Fulmer said...

I am so sorry. Mondays should be erased with that Men-In-Black pen.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! Are you getting sick again? Hopefully you sleep well tonight and feel lots better in the morning!

Mich said...

Love you! Hope you feel better!

Poohpa said...

Mom's sitting here with me and I am trying to get her to be "infected" by the "blog bug"! "Not working," she says. But together we echo Mich's comment - Love you! Hope you feel better! Just wish we could be down to help you out! Give the "rugrats" a hug for us. Oh, Doctor Mom says, "If you are sick, you should not be hugging on them." Did you see that, she's blogging!
Love you,

BG said...

Hope you're feeling better (from the Goodrum 3 UK)

I got a Work from home week again so thought I would say hi.

Put us down for a fifty o.n.o. plus postage for the train set if it didnt sell at your sale we can put it away for our soon to be one year old.

buscher3 said...

Remember..."These are a few of my favorite things" Yeah, ok...we were sick with that "fluish" virus this weekend, so I know how rotton you feel. That wouldn't have worked with me either. Get to feeling better!