Citizen of the Month...I'm Very Confused

He's Citizen of the Month.

Citizen of what? Planet of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...that's what.

I should be proud. No...I am proud. I'm really proud actually. Just confused. I actually laughed at his teacher when she told me. I thought she was kidding.

But, apparently Tate is a master of the personality swing.

My little "Tater," that runs around the house in his undies wielding swords and screaming like a banchee, is evidently really well-behaved at school. His little daily slip always has the "I was GREAT today" spot circled. Apparently he minds his teachers and isn't mean to the other kids. No reports of biting fingers or pulling hair. He has managed to not call anyone an ugly name or kick someone in line at the water fountain. He takes naps at rest time and doesn't peek under the doors of the bathroom stalls.

This is mind-boggling to me.

Because just yesterday....he was in time-out twice within the first 30 minutes of being home; he punched one brother in the stomach and whacked the other with a sword; he called one brother a "doody-head" and the other brother a "booty-bottom" (rather redundant, I thought); he kicked one of his brothers in the shins; and was caught sneaking Hershey kisses after being told not to.

And he's Citizen of the Month...puzzling.

I have to say that I'm so grateful that he's well-behaved at school. I'm blessed to have 3 kids that act relatively good in public. I've seen other parents who aren't quite so fortunate. And I must say that I would much rather my children act like hooligans at home and angels in front of "company" -- so to speak. So, I really am very proud of my baby.

Just still a bit confused...because as I type this, he's whining for his Happy Meal toy that he had taken away at McDonalds because he called Sawyer a "doody-head" (again), licked the salt shaker (gross), and pushed Keaton out of the van (ouch).

Citizen of the Month...I'm telling you...Jekyll and Hyde.

Oh, and Keaton's response to finding out Tate's receiving the award? "What? He got it before me? That doesn't make any sense." -- My thoughts exactly! *wink, wink*


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Awww...I remember Citizen of the Month in Arkadelphia. He'll be proud when he gets his picture in the paper, won't he??

Jennifer said...

Yay for Tate!

Lisa said...

Way to go, Tate! Of course, I'm not surprised. I don't know why his mother would be surprised. I've always thought he was perfectly behaved!

Jim said...

Sounds like he has the makings of a dramatic flair, you know, assuming different personalities!
Just a thought.

Of course, we've see all the grands take on somewhat different characters when they are here and away from parents. A little more of the same, I suppose.

Oh, our lights came back on at noon today. Yea!

Hope all the indians are well and the chief, too!

Love you all,

Mich said...

Tate, I'm so proud! He really is pretty good when you're not around! :) I'm just kidding!
My favorite part of your whole blog was Keaton's remark... I can hear him saying that!

Hope you and your little citizen and the rest of the crew are doing great! Love ya!

Mandy said...

I love the names kids think of to call each other. Especially when they aren't exposed to actually bad language. I still remember the time one of my brother was just so angry with our other brother and just wanted to call him something horrible, so he reached down into himself, thought of the worst thing he could call someone and screamed out, "James, you STUPID-POOPER!". I died laughing, and of course got in trouble, but it was one of the funniest things ever!
So, just me glad I'm not around to laugh when Tate says things like "booty-bottom". I can't wait to hear what my Sawyer comes up with one day . . .

buscher3 said...

That's awesome! Even when I taught 7th grade, I got a kick out of the shocked facial expressions when I say something to the parents during P/T conferences like, "You're child is one of my top students." or "your child is so encouraging to others around him." Just take it to mean that you're doing a good job with them in raising them and that although they act funky at home sometimes, it's just b/c they're really comfortable being themselves.

Stephanie said...

Sweet little Tate...mom your too hard on him :)

My kids are the misbehaved ones!!!!!!