Wonderful Boys

I have pirates all over my bedroom floor. Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones are staring at me. These are leftover from a brutal battle which took place just a little while ago between Sawyer and Tate.

The pictures in my hall are all hanging crooked. Remnants of the soccer match that took place just a few minutes ago. It was Kirk and Tate against Sawyer. The bathroom was the goal on one end, with the dining room floor the goal on the other. The pictures are probably cock-eyed from one too many elbows ramming the wall (Kirk, I'm sure).

There is a "car" in my living room. In it are about a dozen stuffed animals and it is constructed out of rubbermaid tubs and blankets. Keaton has been busy. Wonder where he's going?

Indiana Jones is on in the living room. Ghostbusters was on before that.

There are muddy soccer and baseball cleats strewn around the front door and I have a pile of uniforms that need washing.

I hear lightsabers banging against each other in the other room. My Jedi's must be doing battle. I'm waiting to hear someone start crying.

I LOVE BEING THE MOM OF BOYS. I wouldn't trade all the pirate swords, Indiana Jones movies, dirty cleats, and lightsabers for all the hairbows and ballet shoes in the world!


Jennifer said...

Your house sounds so fun!

Jim said...

You remind me of the famous words of one of the "Jones Boys", when he answered the question, "what's your plan?" with, "I don't know, I'm making it up as I go." With boys like your "four", you have to, don't you? But you like it, right?

I'm just glad the "real" Force is with you take control of your own "empire" and "strike back" against the "dark side" which seeks to put your joy down. May that "Force" be your constant "light saber".

Love You,

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I think it's very special that you're the only girl in the house!

And so fun that you let them play soccer and pirates and watch Indiana Jones. I agree with Jennifer...your house sounds so fun!

Mich said...

sounds like you had a fun day enjoying each other! I'm jealous! I was in bed, with my Sprite, saltine crackers & chicken noodle soup watching reruns of Project Runway.
Glad to say I feel better today! sounds like Kirk is feeling better too!
Love ya!

Stephanie said...

Wow!!!! And you got a nap in during all that. I'll share by hairbows and ballet shoes with you when you want a touch of some girliness. :)

Those shoes were nasty yesterday...I sprayed L's down with the water hose and they still looked bad...gotta hate that red clay.

buscher3 said...

Wow...sounds quite busy and always quite eventful!