Winning is "Funner"

Thought you might like to eavesdrop on a little conversation I had with Sawyer about his baseball game last night. (We got smoked 20 - 7...yikes!) Here's how it went down...

Me: So, Saw, you sure did play some good baseball tonight.

Sawyer: Yah, I know. [We are working on humility...not really getting through.]

Me: You made some really great plays at pitcher tonight.

Sawyer: Yah, I know.

Me: You sure did have a great hit.

Sawyer: Yah, I know.

Me: So, what did you think about the game?

Sawyer: We lost.

Me: Well, that's okay. You guys played your best. That's what matters.

Sawyer: No, Mom. Best would be winnin'.

Me: I still think you guys all played so great. I know it would have been more fun to win
but you still had fun, didn't you?

Sawyer: Mom, of course it's funner to win. *huff* Who ever thinks it's funner to lose?

Me: Well, I don't guess anyone really likes to lose, but it's not about that.

Sawyer: Well, then, what's it about?

Me: Playing your hardest and best.

Sawyer: Mom, I already told ya that our best would be winning. Ugh, you aren't makin'
sense. [I decided the effort was fruitless, so we dropped it. Our conversation moved
to what was for lunch at school and how he hates it when they mix the jello and fruit

What a tough little conversation to have with a super competitive red head! I clearly wasn't getting my point across. I'll have to keep working on this one...

It's just so hard. Especially when I secretly feel the same way!!


buscher3 said...

Boys = competition = tons of importance placed on winning. Common mom! :-)

On a different note, keep working. It'll sink in one day.

Stephanie said...

Glad we haven't gotten to those conversations yet!

He was just glad the game was over so he could play.