Yes, I Have A Sink Skirt For Sale....Any Takers?

Garage sales are great. I love purging and feeling like I've made a little bit of cash for my efforts. Well, come to think of it....

I HATE THE ACTUAL PURGING PART. The digging through stuff and crawling around in cabinets, closets, and the attic. Yuck. I've been battling spider webs and dust bunnies all night, bringing to the light of day (or light bulb) some of the most hideous stuff on the planet.

I'm having the garage sale with my friends Stephanie and Lisa. Lisa made a comment on her blog the other day apologizing for some of the ridiculous stuff that she is putting in the sale. She was hoping that we wouldn't laugh at her....

Well, Lisa, I may be laughing, but not at you. It will be laughing with you at all the terrible stuff that I've got, too.

What makes us acquire such awful stuff? I don't even remember where half this stuff came from...but, somehow it has ended up in my house.

Let's see. What have I found?

  • A terribly heinous Austin Powers print suitcase. Shagadelic, Baby!
  • Flimsy metal TV trays with an angel print. I actually used to keep those in the living room as a decorating item. Wow....not sure what else to say about that.
  • Ice cube trays.....I honestly have no idea when the last time was that I used an ice cube tray. Wonder why I had 8 of them.
  • Gobs of those dangly bracelets that I bought on a shopping spree to Sam Moon in Dallas. Seriously...how many silver dangle cross bracelets does one person need? Did I mention that I found an Easter Bunny one? Wow...wonder what I wore that with? Probably my Easter Egg sweater.
  • While we're still talking about jewelry, I also found half a dozen pins. Yes, pins. The chunky kind of pins that old ladies wear on their lapels. Only mine are cutesy and teacher-y and I wore them with jumpers once upon a time. (I went through that phase of dressing like an old woman when I first started teaching....I have the ceramic pencil pin to prove it.)
  • A sink skirt. That's right. For my wedding I actually registered for a clothing item for a bathroom fixture....and someone bought it for me. And it's mauve.....ugh, I'm shuddering.
  • My What To Expect When You're Expecting book. This one actually saddens me to see it go. Its pages are dogeared and wrinkled from many, many hours of pregnant hormonal reading. It is time to give it up seeing as there will be no more little people running around our house. But, watch. As soon as I get rid of my book, God is going to say, "HA! Just kidding! Surprise!" That would so be our luck.
  • A train set that we spent about $125 on and has set on a shelf in a closet for 3 years. Something depressingly wrong with that.

I haven't delved into the depths of the attic yet. No telling what goodies lie in waiting up there!That's tomorrow's project when my sweet husband is home. He's thrilled.

If you want to come observe these fabulous finds in person, please come shopping this weekend with us!

You know you can't live without the Austin Powers suitcase and sink skirt.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Imagine how sad I am that I can't come to ya'lls yard sale (did you catch that ya'll?) and take that Austin Powers suitcase and that monkey teapot off your hands. Tell Stephanie she needs to post about her obnoxious "treasures" now too so I can really be sad about what I'm missing.


Stephanie said...

I don't know that I really have too many obnoxious treasures. I've been pretty good about purging that type stuff all the way through. I do have my tartan red shower curtain that I got as a wedding gift that I actually love...Kate had the same one so I thought it had to be pretty good taste...but probably not now.

Mich said...

I'm sad! You are having a yard sale without me. :( Hope you make some big bucks... be sure and put your "Nanny" attitude on that day. That lady could sell trash if she wanted to. :)

Lisa said...

Ha! Can't wait to see your stuff! Have you found anything that you can't even identify what it is or what purpose it might have served once upon a time? Love those.

buscher3 said...

Good luck! Hope you manage to rid of all you newfound, once beloved items. Oh, and I now have an extra preggo test if God decides to show His sense of humor in you getting rid of you book. ;-)

Amy Fulmer said...

What!? No pigs? No lacy hats? You aren't the same yardsale girl I once knew!