My IF Would Involve Peanuts and Seatbelts

I'm a reality tv junkie.

This afternoon my remote landed me watching this funky little show about people who are getting a chance to be "remade." It is a makeover show of sorts, but the people are also being coached by experts in their field of choice, so that they can reinvent themselves. Right now, there is a punk rocker girl who is going through the training to be a pageant queen.

As quirky and funky as the show is, it got me thinking about the concept behind it all. What would I want to become if I could totally reinvent myself? To become someone else.

I can think of a million things that seem lots of fun. An actress. A singer. A professional dancer. A contestant on Survivor. An NFL cheerleader. Jennifer Aniston.

But, those are totally unrealistic for me. I like to eat carbs way too much to be any of those things. And the one that is the most realistic for me, Survivor, is a no go....because I hate snakes and rats, can't eat fish, and can't stand to be hot and sweaty.

So, I decided that if I could be totally reinvented....I would be a flight attendant! This has been a secret little dream of mine for a long time. I think that seems like the best job ever! You get to be all cute and perky; travel the world; and eat those yummy Biscoff cookies all day long. Sounds fabulous to me!

Confession: I have privately practiced my hand gestures for the job. I can signal Exit doors like nobody's business!

I also think I would do a fabulous job pushing the snack/drink cart. Not to mention those preppy little outfits that they wear. Ah...bliss. And the speech about returning your seat to an upright position and properly stowing your carry-on luggage....totally think I could handle that!

So...what about you? If you could reinvent yourself, who would you be? C'mon....this is fun!!

Peanuts? Coffee? And don't forget to fasten your seatbelt.


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I also thought it would be fun to be a flight attendant....To reinvent myself....I don't know...I kind of like my little life but wish I had more willpower to clean.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I have no idea. Maybe a sports announcer so I could hang out with Troy Aikman and have front row seats to all the great games. (Can you tell I'm watching the super bowl and reading blogs?)

Jennifer said...

I could totally see you being a flight attendant. You always have a smile and can talk to anyone (I mean that in a good way). I would not be good at that job...TOO shy!! I don't know why I chose the major I did: Psychology! Go figure! I loved the classes though. Very interesting!

Mich said...

When I was young I wanted to be a designer and live in France. Reality check came with college...I came up short in the natural skills department.

did you know mom wanted to be a flight attendant when she was young too? She went to apply and they told her she was too short...I don't think they care anymore how tall you are.

Kristin said...

I had a friend that was a flight attendant and she loved it. One story that springs to mind was on 9/11. I knew she was in the air that day and worked for United. I spent 2 hours on hold trying to find out if she had been on one of the planes.

The people manning those phone lines that day were awesome. The lady was so patient with my hysterical self and took my name and number and promised to call me back as soon as they knew something. And she did call me back and my friend had ended up switching off flights that day so she wasn't even in the air at all.

I think if I didn't have kids then being a flight attendant and getting to travel all the time would be fantastic.

I also would like to be the person who names lipstick and nail polishes. I mean, come on! How fun of a job must that be?


You would make a great flight attendant!! Don't give up that dream!! I have always wanted to be Vanna on Wheel of fortune since i was a kid, do not know why? Guess I liked her dresses.

Becky said...

This is a fun post! I have always thought that flight attendents have a cool job. My first choices would be an Olympic athlete or a singer. Since I'm tone deaf and getting to the Olympics takes crazy good talent and YEARS I don't think they are possible.

I would LOVE to be a rancher! The big spread, house, cattle, horses, barn, boots...the whole nine yards! Even a good amount of land, some cattle and a couple horses here in AR would work for me!