In Honor of Our Presidents...

I have carefully researched our nation's history and gathered fabulously illustrated children's books on Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt to read to my children as they are dressed as the respective Presidents. I have searched for elaborate arts-n-crafts projects that celebrate the lives of Washington and Reagan. My kitchen table is set-n-ready with googly eyes, construction paper, glue sticks, and fake fur. After these fabulous creations are hung to dry, my children and I will be moving into the kitchen to whip up an amazing theme dinner: a scrumptious Taft and Tyler tomato basil soup, a tasty Polk salad, a hearty dish of Nixon noodles with an Arthur alfredo sauce and Cleveland chicken, and finishing off with Kennedy kiwi and Ike ice cream for dessert. Sounds delicious, huh? We will be eating this dinner on a table decorated with a cloth emblazoned with the Presidential seal. And after dinner, we will all take our turns performing the Presidential monologues that we've prepared.

Isn't that what everyone does on President's Day when they get a day off of school?

Yah. Us neither.

We're actually spending our President's Day cleaning house and chunking old toys. My house is so gross that I am actually going to have to make a list of what to clean and when to clean it just to keep myself on track. I'm even taking a cue from Meredith and unplugging today, just so that I can get EVERYTHING done and am not tempted to hang out with you people all day.

And for dinner? No Nixon noodles for us. Kirk is gone tonight for a business dinner, so the boys and I are going to honor our Presidents with a yummy meal of Coolidge chicken nuggets and some McKinley mac-n-cheese (out of the blue box, thank you very much!).

Happy President's Day everyone.....it's cleaning day for me!

(Please don't leave me comments about being unpatriotic and callous towards our nation's leaders. I'm incredibly patriotic. I'm just also a mom....with a gross house and no time to spend the day making edible Lincoln log cabins.)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Good luck! I want to clean today but I can't seem to get much done when the fam is home. AND, since my husband has the day off, I think we're going to do something as a family. I'm so happy!

Kristin said...

We are cleaning up some things and then hitting the arcade for some fun time together. My two oldest spent the night with Gran & Grumps so we had a little time to spend with Colin and just take it easy.

We also got a Wii Fit so I've been embarrassing myself on that.

Enjoy your President's Day!

Jim said...

I can't believe it! I was so excited about what you are doing I didn't finish the blog and went to the comments to let you know! We're doing the same thing here! During the night I had this idea of how to celebrate with Mich and Kay and Jor here, so we've set about to do it in great style - the meals, the history (via history channel), and a debate - and as you know I have the costumes to do it. Imagine Jor as Lincoln and me as Washington. It's gonna be great!!!!!!!

As you say, "Doesn't everybody?"

Yah, us neither! But you actually had me going for a time there. Good suspenseful build-up and maybe food for thought for a celebration down the road, when the house is clean.

I, too, as you know, am patriotic to the core, and really respect our leaders and nation. May God bless them and us in this day of remembrance.

But my first task today was going to town to buy a plunger - we had a stopped up drain and discovered we'd forgot to pack ours from the other house yet.

Well, we're enjoying a few hours of company till Mich and Kay and Jor depart for home.

See you soon, again, I hope. Tell Kirk and the boys I really appreciated their help in cutting the wood and cleaning up the yard.

I love you,
PS: Tell Keaton to set up his chess board - he can have his choice of black or white and make the first move. Email me his moves.

Libby said...

Thats funny because I am spending my day off doing intense cleaning and rearranging my room! Its time for a good change! Have a good day!

Jennifer said...

Happy cleaning and Happy President's Day!

Mich said...

OK I now feel left out! I didn't get to enjoy a big patriotic celebration, nor get my house clean!!!

I spent most of the afternoon and evening with two cranky kids in a car! I will try to catch the next holiday...

Jo said...

Like your Dad mentioned...you had me going there for a while! Of course, even if you didn't really do all those things, you certainly have quite a creative mind just to think up all that stuff! Good job! You're a clever writer!

Although I didn't get to see you this weekend, I enjoyed visiting with you on the phone. Next time you come, I hope things work out better, in order to spend a little time with you.

I love you.
Aunt Jo