Do you see that receipt? That's right, baby. $133.24. On a week's worth of groceries for my healthy contribution to any ball team in the area. My men eat like horses, so keeping it under $200 is R.A.R.E. Mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets are pricey, y'all.

I have a question (okay, really 2) for you....so you HAVE to answer. How much is your weekly grocery bill? And what is the one thing that you buy EVERY week, no matter what (mine is the stuff in the blue box)?

And...on a totally unrelated note and just because I think they're cute:

Sawyer and our I-hate-cats-but-think-this-cat-is-great cat, Indiana Jones.


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I spend about $100-$125 per week. One of the perks of having girls...they eat like birds.

Also, every week I buy Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bagels and Nutella. Just for me. If I don't have a bagel with Nutella for breakfast my day is shot!

Alison said...

Dang girl,that's a lot of "CP Alfredo" on that reciept!! ;-)

I shop sort of strangely. I do the 5 meats for $20 at Save-U-Mor bi-weekly and then plan like 11-12 days of meals off of that (plus maybe another meat item or so that I bought). There's always a couple fo days of left-overs that fit somewhere in there. So I do bi-weekly big trips that cost about $130 or so and then on the off weeks I shop for repeat items like Milk, bread, etc, etc and spend about $40-50. For some reason it's cheaper to do it that way. Doing big trips every week ended up costing us over well over $100 a week for some reason.

And I ALWAYS buy cook and serve pudding (butterscotch and sugar free chocolate) plus a tub of non fat whipped cream to put on top. That's my late night snack a couple of times a week.

Kendra said...

MILK! You know how much milk we go through, and there are only THREE of us!

We have a wonderful store here called ALDI's and food is CHEAP! A gallon of milk- $1.63. A fresh Dole pineapple- $.99. Canned veggies $.49. I almost NEVER go to Wal-Mart. But with only 3 to feed, and if you subtract out non-food items, we probably spend about $250- $300 a month. Give or take. I don't use a lot of beef or prepackaged foods so it doesn't cost me so much. Though I am mad about how much Wal-Mart has raised the price on their generic mac and cheese! I've got to have that at least once or twice a month!

Kendra said...

Let me comment again. You've also got Kleenex and papertowels on that receipt. You can't count those, because you don't eat them! I divide my budget between food and non-food. So, maybe you don't spend as much as you think?

And like Alison said, what is UP with the alfredo sauce? You check your cholesterol lately? I don't even touch the stuff and mine's high just thinking about it!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I spend around $300 every two weeks for our family of five...which I think is pretty good considering that amount includes all household products and food for breakfast, lunches and dinner.

I usually go to four different stores though--one for meat, one for produce, the health food store, and Walmart.

Always on my list? Coffee, chai, half n half, cheezits, and orange juice.

Anonymous said...

I take out $150 every Monday morning in cash for my groceries. Some weeks I use less, so I stash the extra cash to use on those weeks that something's on sale that I can stock up, or the weeks that we hit Costco.

I usually have some left over at the end of the month, and I like to surprise my husband by picking up the dinner check.

I always have half and half and hamburger meat.

Becky said...

I spend about $130 every two weeks on everything...groceries and household items. One thing that saves us lots of money is buying a cow from J's dad for hamburger meat, roasts, and round steak.

The one item I buy every single week is MILK! Wish we could get it as cheap as Kendra!!

Nina Diane said...

we spend about $300 every 2 weeks and that doen't include the Costco run. I buy coffee beans and milk every single week......