Stingy...But Totally Warrented

Not much thrills my heart like Girl Scout cookies.

It probably is a good thing that those sweet little temptations only come once a year...or my pant size would be larger and my bank balance smaller.

I've even learned to share the wealth around. I hit up all my little girl buddies and order from all of them. It makes it look like I'm trying to support them all. Yah...truth is that way none of their mamas have to know how many boxes I really order. Pathetic, really.

A good mother would share these morsels of heaven with her babies. But, not me. Oh no. Mine are stashed here:

That's right. Next to the crockpot and the mixer. A place my men never venture.

Just to make myself feel better about all my hiding and stockpiling, I bought my children a special bag of $.97 SamsChoice cookies.

They told me that I was the best mom ever.

You betcha.


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I've eaten 2 boxes since Sunday...it's a good thing that there is only 1 more box!!! I love the Lemon Chalet

Kendra said...

Hey, I always had to hide mine from Wayne in my bathroom cabinet. You try explaining why there are Samoas next to your hairspray! We've got to keep our stashes sacred, ladies!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I ate one (ONE) Samoa out of Abbey's box this afternoon and forgot to put it back before she got home from school. She saw the box, figured out I ate a cookie, and stood there and cried for 5 minutes.


I don't know why my kids feel like they need to "own" those cookies. I'm the one who pays for them!

And I've never tried the lemon ones. They're worth it?

Kristin said...

Too funny!

I'm just catching up on your last few posts. Thinking about you. :o)

Lori Motl said...

Frozen Thin Mints...a little bit of heaven on earth! My kids caught on this year that were stashed in the freezer...we are each trying to make sure we get our...ahhhhmmmm...."fair share"