I'm Old and Apparantly Addicted to Alfredo

6:00, y'all. 6:00.

Please tell me what it is about the ability to sleep-in that makes it completely impossible to sleep-in. Grouchy does not even begin to describe it.

So I grabbed the remote and tried to find something to watch. Because although I may have been up at 6:00 on a Saturday morning, getting out of the bed and starting on laundry would have just been w.r.o.n.g. Yah, so there isn't anything on on a Saturday morning...unless you are into zit-fighting infomercials or freaky Japanimation.

So I've been catching up on my music videos. I haven't watched music videos since I was in high school, so "catching up" is probably not the optimum phrase. Really, I've been staring at the tv in complete confusement (is that even a word?!). Pretty much anything goes these days. And I mean anything. Like clothing, for starters. So much for me thinking that I was still young and cool. Nope. I'm so close to wearing full polyester pantsuits and embroidered sweatshirts that I can taste it. Although I will say that the boy in Taylor Swift's "Love Story" video is D.R.E.A.M.Y.

On a totally different note....I had to respond to some comments I got yesterday about the abundance of alfredo sauce on my receipt. If I had planned my blog post better, I would have arranged my items on the check-out belt in a more strategic manner! Those are my absolute favorite microwavable dinners that I eat for lunch everyday at school. So yummy. Variety is a word that is not in my vocabulary at all.

Also...some of you commented about splitting up the budget into grocery/non-grocery. That doesn't work for me, because (1) I'm not organized enough to keep up with separating it out, and (2) the only place I shop is WalMart, and it is a one-stop shop for me. So the $200 I spend each week includes all groceries and household stuff that we need, plus stuff like new socks or undies if someone needs 'em. So....$133.24....quite a feat for me!

So, now it is 10:00 and I'm still here....still watching music videos. Like a train wreck, I tell ya. But the men (who amazingly found the ability to sleep-in this morning) are beginning to growl for their breakfast.

Time to start the day.

Happy Saturday.


Kendra said...

Up at 6:00? Wow, I'm sorry. It just doesn't seem fair. If only there was something super wonderful on TV, or something girly you could be doing like a pedicure or sewing.

We decided to split up our shopping bills just to see how much we were actually using for food. Which wasn't as much as you think because paper products in comparison are really expensive! But that's me, not that you have to be that way. Made me realize it's okay to buy cheaper paper towels! But not TP. I never scrimp on TP!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I hate it when I have a chance to sleep in and can't...which is often. But today, 8AM! SO happy.

Enjoy your day.

Jim said...

Vive la fredo! I like it, too! Now, I also "gusto mucho" the "spagett"! And velly much vith the chopstick good chop suey boy! Then, too, "me gusto mucho comer a la taco ensalada". But, you know "ami shottee bangla murgee torkcurry din kore bhalobashee". Yum, Yum. What can I say - I have a world class like list.

Monica said...

I was able to sleep in today, but that is probably becuz I'm getting over a head cold. Usually I'm up bright and early too!

Libby said...

Once I wake up, I'm up for the day and I hate it. Sometimes I wake up at 5 and I might as well go ahead and get up!