No Twirling Ballerina In This Jewelry Box....But Still Lots of Old Memories

I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom the other night. And, boy, did it need it.

Because what you find when you move furniture are all the dust bunnies and just-plain-nasty that have been living behind the chests and dressers. Ew. Gross.

What I also discovered while I was moving everything around was that my jewelry boxes were in desperate need of attention. I made a mental note on cleaning/moving day to take care of the jewelry situation when I got a chance.

This afternoon was my chance. And look what I found....

This is my mom's high school ring. Sweet, huh? I never had my own class ring (not sure why), but loved wearing my mom's. Love that I have it.

Aren't these cute? A few years ago, my mom ran across all of my old jewelry from when I was a little girl and gave them to me. I want to wear the Strawberry Shortcake pendant, but Kirk won't let me. *wink*

This was my grandmother's (my mom's mom). A couple of Christmases ago, my mom gave my sister and I each a piece of her jewelry. Very special.

This pretty cameo was my other grandmother's (my dad's mom). She loved her jewelry!!
My daddy picked this necklace out for me and gave it to me for Christmas. Mom said he picked it out all by himself. Isn't that sweet?

And I found the little pill box that I keep all the boys' teeth in....shhhhh....the boys would be highly irritated if they knew their teeth didn't fly off with the Tooth Fairy but rather lived in their mom's bedroom. The box is one that Kirk brought me home from Denmark.

Now this is a little awkward. This is my promise ring. Only it's not from Kirk. See, I told you it was awkward. I had a very long relationship my freshman and sophomore year of high school, and received a promise ring. He didn't want it back when we broke up....so it still sits in my jewelry box. Kinda weird, huh?

And then I found 3 of the exact same tie tack from Kirk's company. He has never worn any of them and probably never will.

And then I found this ONE earring. Kirk bought me this pair of diamond studs several, several years ago. I lost one...I'm thinking it was the vacuum cleaner's lunch...but, I still have the other one. It seems so lonely....maybe I should just wear one. Nah.

And I found my precious necklace that is one-of-a-kind. My parents had it made for me in Thailand, and it is "Amber" written in Thai. I haven't worn it in forever...but, I think I'm going to. One of my favorite things about the necklace are all the people that stop to tell me that I have it on backwards! Hee hee! It's cute, huh?

What I didn't take pictures of are all my bazillion bracelets and necklaces that came from a couple of shopping trips to Sam Moon in Dallas. That place is wild! I also didn't include the gobs of beads, beads, and more beads.

It was kind of fun to dig through my jewelry box and find the items that I don't take out regularly enough. Made me super nostalgic.


Mandy said...

I had the same Strawberry Shortcake one! I have no idea where it is though. I say wear it!

Kendra said...

You've got to wear Strawberry Shortcake. Because you can! And I love your Thai name necklace. I wish I had one!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Cool stuff! I have quite a collection as well, and my girls LOVE it when I let them pull it all out!

Jennifer said...

I had that same Strawberry Shortcake necklace! I love Sam Moon too!

Becky said...

I also have that Strawberry Shortcake necklace in my jewelry box and it is still on the original chain. My brother gave it to me when I was little and I just can't part w/it. Probably the sweetest thing he ever did for me!;)