Blog Review -- This Is Your Brain On Joy

Skeptical cannot even begin to describe my feeling about This Is Your Brain On Joy. When I first picked up this book by Dr. Earl Henslin, I was almost dreading the read. I had flipped through the pages and saw a lot of lists and a lot of pictures of brain scans. Boring. Or so I thought. And then I began to read.

This book completely captivated me. Dr. Henslin writes with a humor and down-to-earth style that, not only is interesting to read, but made a very difficult subject matter (with a lot of technical terms) very easy to understand. What I enjoyed most about the book was his VERY practical listing of steps and advice to improve brain health. He details in length various mental disorders and brain problems, but (unlike many books) gives solutions and ways to reverse some of the negative attributes. He gives suggestions for medications and diet, but what struck me as even more useful were his suggestions for Scriptures to read, prayers to pray, music to listen to , movies to watch, exercises to practice, and a host of other suggestions.

This book was incredibly insightful for me. It gave me a new view on different disorders that people may have, and it was interesting to evaluate my own brain health.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I admire you and Lisa and Stephanie for doing these book reviews. I don't think I could stand the pressure.