My Favorite 2.3 Miles

This is what I have the amazing privilege of driving through every day for a week or so each year. Our fall foliage season around here only lasts about that long, so we have to look really FAST at our beautiful leaves before they are replaced with bare branches.

I've been admiring my little piece of paradise for a couple of days now, and today, I was so lucky to have my camera with me. I whipped over on the side of the road, totally confused the man in the red pick-up behind me, and started snapping.

What you can't see is just around this corner lies a beat-up old trailer and some cars up on blocks...gotta love living in Arkansas! We take the beauty with the reality around here!!

I LOVE FALL.....so much!


Jim said...

You've spoken like a true "Arkie". We are looking forward to our little corner of the Ozarks, too. Next door to "our" house is an almost "hidden" trailor with a "ramshackle" front porch, and a yard that you don't mow, you walk around carefully. Probably nice folks that would do anything for you, they just have "thar on wey o'livin, if'n ya no what I meen."
Hey, listen, I'm not makin' fun o' somebody else, I'm a pintin' at me!

Love you,

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love fall too...and the trees in NWA were beautiful last weekend.

Mich said...

I love the Fall too...unfortunately Fall doesn't like me too well!:(

Beautiful picture!

Jennifer said...

I'm right there with ya! So pretty!

Stephanie said...

I love that drive everytime we come to your house. It's so pretty...It reminds me of Robert Frost's poem..."Two Roads divereged in yellow woods..."