Here is my "WHAT I'M THANKFUL FOR" list.....

The love of my precious husband.

Happy days filled with laughter and love.

All the minutes that I've been mother (even the ones that included dirty diapers and throw-up).

Neverending support and encouragement from my friends and family.

Kisses from my fellas (love that they love their mama).

Stuff (we have so much of it...we are so blessed).

Good friends (can't imagine life without you).

Inspiration given by my church, friends, and family.

Very amazing parents (my heroes, for sure).

Independence...so blessed to have my freedom.

Never having to doubt God's love for me or my security in Him.


So blessed. So thankful. So amazed.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I also made a thankfulness list.
We are blessed!