Now I Just Have To Put It Away....Might Pose a Small Spacial Problem

I totally need to be cleaning my house right now, but I had to stop and put this on now....I have a feeling that I'm going to be falling in the bed tonight....probably no blogging time.

Look what I just bought......

(and you can't even see .75 of it in my picture!)

Grand total.....$287.73 *choke*cough*sputter*sputter*

This is what comes with having 11 *of my favorite* people nesting in the same house for the good part of a week.

Now....before my dad and sister start panicking and feeling bad about the mondo grocery bill...no problem. I spend a good $200 on my family, when it is just the 5 of us, so to only add $87 for 6 more people...not too shabby!! I actually had expected it to be much higher.

Thanks again for all the comments that you left me here. I took a lot of your suggestions to heart and added them to my menu. Others, I decided that I was way too immature at this whole hospitality thing to even attempt!!! But, I'm still so impressed with all of you!!!

Hope your Thanksgivings are amazing...


Jennifer said...

Oh my! Happy cooking! Have a great time with your family!