I'm Still Wiping Tears....Wanna Join Me?

I am home sick....yet again. Don't know what is up, but my immune system is having some serious issues adjusting to public school life. My kids are doing relatively well....it's just me. Go figure.

I'm about to settle in for a little snooze, but I wanted to pass this link on to you. This blog is one of my favorite ones to read. If you follow the Christian group Selah at all, then you may know the story of Todd, one of the singers. He has an incredible family, but they experienced an incredible tragedy this year when they lost their precious baby girl. His wife, Angie, records all her ups and downs in dealing with their loss and also expresses her incredible reliance on God. There are few things that I have read lately that draw me to my knees like Angie's blog. Her post from yesterday (click here) had me weeping. I'm still drying tears.

If you get a chance, check it out. It is such a beautiful image of love, grace, and what it means to walk this crazy road called life.....it is all to eventually get to this amazing place that we can only dream of right now.....an eternity with our Beloved Bridegroom.