Looking For My Black Mourning Suit

Tomorrow I become a widow. Around 4:30 in the morning to be exact. I have around 7 more hours of wedded bliss and then it will be over...for about a month.

I am getting ready to lose my husband to the deer woods.

Tomorrow is Opening Day of deer season here in Arkansas, and there is not much else that gets Kirk as excited as this particular day does. To him it is better than Christmas and birthdays. If our children would have held Fall due dates, I'm not sure that he would have shown up to the hospital for their births had it been deer season...or at least he would have shown up in full camo, smelling like the woods.

Around here....this is big stuff.

I guess he is ready for tomorrow. He engaged me in thrilling conversation over dinner tonight about which gun he has decided to hunt with first time out. He placed his new deer stand a week ago, and he is super excited about the "bungee seat" -- don't ask...I don't know. He has invested in deer urine and has his hunter's orange ready by the door. I offered to set the coffee pot, so that he would have some piping hot joe in the morning, but he declined....saying then he would just have to go to the bathroom and get off his stand. This is super serious business.

From now until the end of season, Kirk will be MIA. He will be in the woods every chance he gets. He'll go in the woods before work and he will be cleaning his gun and I'll be washing camo after work. Every day and weekend will be full of nothing but "I saw one," "His horns weren't big enough," "I missed him," or (hopefully) "I got a big one!"

Tomorrow......and so it begins!

Oh, and just because I think it is weird...here is a picture of the deer urine....can you see the picture on the bottle? Feels very strange that we purchased something that would involve that kind of thing!! :)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well, now I think I know why he bought you that new computer. So you won't be too lonely without him.

Jo said...

Now, that's dedication!

Is Keaton going to start going out with him before long?

I hope you get a big one this year! Be careful out there!

Aunt Jo

Amy Fulmer said...

I am reading your post from deer camp. Oh, to be the widow at home with water and electricity....I am forced along on this "adventure!"

Mandy said...

My condolences.

I find hunting to be very strange. I wasn't raised in a family that hunts and neither was Brian, so it's all foreign (and kinda gross!) to me!

I do know all the hunters were at Wal-Mart buying all the toilet paper when I was there earlier!

Jim said...

So he'll be one month, hum! That puts him free the middle of the month, right? That ought to be about right for our move.

Kirk, I do hope you get a good one. I can just smell it over the "pit" at the new house.

We have the realtor coming tomorrow to list this house. Pray for a speedy sell.

Be careful, all of you all.
Love you,

Marc and Charity said...

Lovely....deer pee in a bottle. How romantic. :)

Mich said...

I can feel your loss. Kevin is in the woods right now as I type!
fun times...

Alison said...

I remember how obsessed my dad was and still is with hunting. Family was put in a distant second to deer, duck, quail, hog, and then whatever else they could shoot and kill that had an official season. I hated it.