"I Willy Wuv You Doh"

My baby is growing up.

Hold on....let me find my Kleenex box before I go on.

There is something about having all your kids all so close together. I feel like I haven't stepped out of the baby stage for 9 years.... Today I realized that it is over.

God blessed me with Tate. Kirk and I were "finished" after Sawyer was born, but God thought it might be fun to throw us a curve ball. Boy, did he! What we got was this amazing little person that has so much personality and the ability to completely control a room just by one sly wink or flash of his mighty dimples. Although his personality is huge....his body is tiny (his shorts from the summer were 18 months....no kidding!!). It has been easy for me to not totally fall victim to the whole "my baby is growing up" thing because he is still so babyish in so many ways. He can't speak clearly......baby. He's teeny.....baby. He cries for his mama......baby.

Until today.

I had the wind almost completely knocked out of me when my teeny tiny angel face handed me this:

I was sitting at the table working on my jewelry and he came and handed me this piece of paper. I was expecting a scribble or doodle; not at all what I saw. I turned and looked at him and he was grinning from ear to ear; dimples just a shining. He said, "I wote you a wetta. It say I wuv my famuhwe. I willy wuv you doh." [Kleenex break]

I don't know where he learned to spell our names. I'm guessing he learned at school, but what gets me is that he knew enough to write them in a "letter" for me......Oh my heart.

Love letters from your child is not a baby thing. I am lucky enough to get love letters from Keaton and Sawyer all the time.....but from Tate? Oh my....

I will go to sleep tonight the mother of three very big boys.....oh, but how sweetly I will sleep!


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...


Mich said...

Oh...our "baby" is growing up!

Jim said...

Mom and I just echoed - "We willy wuv you 2!" Pass the kleenex, please. Hey, that's good eyewash medicine!

By the by, we put the house on the market today. As the realtor left the sign in the yard and was driving off, the new neighbors came over and visited, saying they had friends who were looking for a house. We invited the couple in for a look and they said the friends were coming for dinner tonight. So, later this evening, our realtor calls and says that there is a real estate lady wanting to show the house after church tomorrow - her son called her - he was the dinner guest next door! Not only that but the neighbor on the other side has a friend looking, and one of our pastors has a young couple looking, too! Pray that even in the midst of the current economics, our selling and buying will meet each other just right.

And tell Tate that Grammy and Poohpa said - dat de wuv him 2!

Hugs, and Kleenex all around!

Jo said...

How adorable! But, no matter how big or how old he gets, he'll always be your "baby". (If your Nanny were still around, she would "ditto" that statement, for sure!)
Aunt Jo

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I need some Kleenex now too. How sweet!

buscher3 said...

So sweet! Cherish these times!!

sprocketqueen said...

That is so sweet and precious!!

Marc and Charity said...

So sweet!!! I'm ready to be out of the baby stage, and that's going to be a while and then I will probably cry. :)