Want To Know Some Random Stuff About Me?

* I'm under the impression that I would have been a fabulous dancer had my parents invested in lessons for me.  Having never been given the opportunity to don a tutu and those swanky, but oddly weird, toe shoes, I do a heck of a job making up for all that lost time by channeling my inner ballerina in my kitchen.  Daily.  Much to the chagrin of the men who live in my house. 

* My favorite all-time cereal is GrapeNuts.  Nothing like chewing on gravel to start the day off right. 

* I've met the Queen of England.  Seriously.  If you count "meeting" as standing on an upstairs balcony of a restaurant watching her motorcade go by.  Details. Schmetails.

* I have, however, for realz met former President Jimmy Carter.  He visited the church my dad pastored in Thailand while he was there on diplomatic business.  I even slept in teensy braids the night before so my hair would be all crimpy for the Prez.  Faincy.

* One of my most favorito snacks evuh is cucumbers in salted lemon juice.  It's an Asian thang.  But seriously delish.

* I have a weird food allergy in which I'm allergic to cucumbers.  Hold the phone there, good buddy.  What about the weird lemon juice thing?  Well, I'm not rightly sure.  But, to the best of my I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-talking-about knowledge, the lemon juice must kill the allergens.  Because I can eat the lemony ones for days, but feed me just a plain ole' cucumber, and my mouth and ear canals will itch for a week.

* I also am allergic to raw carrots, anything that ends in "-melon," and bananas.  And lest you think I'm crazy, I saw it discussed on Oprah by one of her very attractive guest doctors.  So it must be legit. 

* I have a tee-shirt fetish.  I will sign up for events if it means I get a tee-shirt.  In fact, tee-shirt disbursement is a high ranking criteria on my decision making list. 

* The whole time the husband was gone on his trip this weekend, I drove his ginormous Conan truck.  Because I didn't want to have to put gas in the van.  It makes sense. Even if I can't see over the steering wheel.

* I always have to sleep farthest from the door.  In my own room, hotel rooms, guest bedrooms....always farthest away.  Because if by some chance we are robbed by an axe murderer...I don't want to be the first to go.  So thoughtful I am.

* I returned a book to the library yesterday that had been missing since July.  July!  We are no longer on the bibliotheca blacklist.  The taste of freedom is indeed sweet, unlike the glare of the librarian as she reprimanded me in front of the offspring for being so irresponsible.  She also did not happily accept my excuse of it having been lost under my couch.  Since July.  Ok. You're right, that's gross.

* After several more attempts and a YouTube tutorial, I still am unable to make fire.  I will now be reneging my application video for Survivor.  It's okay though.  I was already considering pulling it due to the fact that I was having insane nightmares about millions of people watching me walk around in nothing but bathing suit bottoms and a cardigan sweater for 3 months. 

Now.  Your turn.
Tell me something random that I don't know about you.
And if your mind has gone numb due my inconsequential ramblings, here's a jumpstarter for you:

If you were forced to transform into a toy for the rest of your life, which toy would you be?  Why?

Here....I'll go first. 

I'd be the Barbie Primp and Polish Styling Head.

Not only does she have an amazing tan, but I love how Audrey Hepburnish she looks with her hands like that.  Very Breakfast at Tiffany's. And who doesn't want to be like Holly Golightly (minus the whole long cigarette stick thing)? 


And not to mention I'd then have folks making me over all the time.  Which is just fun.  And I live with boys.  So my makeover time has been seriously deteriorated.

And when they do make me over, I just look like this.  Remember?

Good times.


Carpool Queen said...

White Tic-Tacs make me sneeze.

New Every Morning said...

Just the head of a Barbie? Girl, I'd go for the whole body!

I love GrapeNuts on yogurt... it's like fake granola. As a cereal? Not so much, gets soggy way too fast.

You need to do a post on your connection with Asia. Are you an MK? How did I miss that? Do tell (or direct me to the post that I have embarrassingly missed).

Jessica said...

I too sleep farthest from the door. and for the same reason. If I were forced into to toy-dom, I would for sure not be the superman that belongs to your rascals!

Tiffani said...

I love randomness.

This is a GREAT post.

Hmm. Something random: I cannot stand to here crunching..especially ice. It makes me want to pull my hair out strand my strand. I have to move if someone near me is doing it.

A toy...probably full-length Barbie and yes, her proportions are enviable but moreso her wardrobe. So, yeah. Barbs.

Sami said...

1. Sleeping farthest from the door is the only truly rational thing to do. Although now I justify this by saying that it gives Frank enough to time to get his gun before the robber gets to me :)

2. Bill Clinton kissed me. Fo real yo. So I met a president too! Granted it was when I was really little and he was running for governor and kissing every baby he saw. But whatev.

3. I Love Lucy Barbie. The one where she burns the end of her nose. Not because I want a burnt nose but because I love the outfit! And those are real Barbies. I have tons.

mimi said...

HA! I think you are on to something with the cucumber/lemon allergy banisher idea.

I love any Thai food.

Your toy choice is perfect. I loved that head as a child. I used to cut the hair, until I realized it does not grow back!

Cathy said...

I mean the whole post is good and all but how much do I love that you reposted that pic of yourself???


Random Cat-a-lac: I love Little Cuties (mandarins) but CAN NOT STAND oranges.

Jim said...

Hummmmmm! A toy - Mom says she'd chose a "baby-doll" because little girls like to hug on them! Sounds like a grandma, doesn't it? Now, me, I'd like to be more flexible and have some variety - let's say a TRANSFORMER, but not the "warrior" or destructive kind. I'm thinking one that can do a variety of very in.tree.cut kinds of things, all at the same time.

As to presidents, besides the time with President Carter, I shook hands with General Eisenhower before he became president (I was about 4 at the time-it was after WWII). I also was about 15 ft from President Kennedy when he was in a motorcade in San Diego, shortly before he was assassinated. One very good friend of mine is Mike Huckabee, an almost "Prez and Who knows?"


Mich said...

You have to sleep farthest from the door...I have to sleep closest to the door. You are afraid of burglers, the claustrophobic side of me is afraid of fire. In the end, we are both pretty self centered aren't we?

Love ya!

Emily said...

I put crushed up doritos on my tacos. (Don't knock it til you try it!)

I have two frenulums (the flap of skin between your lip and gums) on my bottom gums because of a jaw surgery.

My fingers are the same length as my brother-in-laws toes. He's really tall, and I'm really short. Ha!


And I would be a playmobile person. I loved those. And you can snap their clothes/accessories on. Think about how easy it would be to get dressed!

Random enough for you? :)

Anonymous said...

If I had to be transformed into one toy for the rest of my life it would hands down be the "Easy Bake Oven." I take comfort in knowing that I'd be forever warm (albeit via light-bulb generated heat) and filled with sugary yumminess(albeit the envelope-sealed-preservative- packed kind). If I couldn't be the EBO, I'd be scented magic markers(kind of a craft item but sold in toy stores so it counts). Who doesn't get really excited about those?

Nina Diane said...

loved this post!
haha..I always have to sleep farthest from the door too. I have that "axe murderer" thought also! And I've never met a president but I did meet Johnny Cash and Tex Ritter! hee haw....
and a weird thing....my dryer setting and volume control on the TV has to end in an even number..weird huh?

theelizabethhighsmith said...

hello my name is random and i love your post. i'm also a follower because i'd be a barbie but one with legs, sounds like there's enough barbie wannabes i'd have guaranteed friends in the plastic life. i'd also like to be buzz light year and woody cause i've always had a slight crush on them and that way i'd know what makes them tick.

Alison said...

fun post!

Randomness: I'm a cancer survivor. Wilms tumor when I was 4. Missing a left kidney, went through 15 months of chemo, went bald, and have been left with some NASTY arthritic side effects from the extended period of treatment. My 28 year old body is like that of a 60 year old!

Alison said...

oh yeah - and a toy...I'd be a popple. You know, those care bear looking toys that we had when we were kids? Funny ears? Had a pouch on their back that you could stuff their entire body into that turned them from a full bodied character into a ball with a head? Those were fun!

Anonymous said...

I love random. It's one of my favorite topics.

I love cucumbers but have never had them in lemon juice...that sounds really good!

Something random about me? I can't sleep with socks on. It makes me feel like I'm choking.

habner said...

hmmmm, randomness....I absolutely can't have anything covering my head or face, not a blanket or a sheet, and I go nuts if I get a sweater caught on my head when I'm taking it off. I'm claustrophobic to the point of insanity. I'm also allergic to cucumber and potatoes and anything that ends in melon. I've been told they are all in the ragweed family. And the Barbie head was the one toy that I wanted sooooo bad growing up, but I never got. I think I'm going to go buy me one for my birthday next week. Oh, and I almost forgot. I met president Reagan my freshman year of college.

Marla Taviano said...

I'm exhausted, and it's not even 9:00. I can't think of a single interesting thing about myself.

I only write with purple pens. There. How's that?

zuberlicious said...

I'm allergic to cucumbers too! The only time it really affects my life is when I'm eating sushi or Greek food. I feel guilty every time I'm out with a group of friends and we're sharing sushi rolls and I have to force everyone to go without cucumbers. It makes me feel high-maintenance!

But I can eat pickles!

Christi said...

Love the picture! :)

Random stuff?

...when I choose a cup and straw each day at home, they HAVE to be a cute color combo...I'm picky like that! My family teases me about it...but it's worth it...it makes me happy!

Sandy said...

How fun this is!
1. Several years ago on a (business for hubby) trip to England, I stood just a few feet from the motorcade going from Windsor to the race track on a road used only by royalty. When hubby returned that evening & asked how my day went, I said, "What does everyone ask when you've been to London?" He answered, "Did you see the queen?" And my answer was, "Yes, I did! And all the royal family!" Which at that time included Prince Phillip, Diana & Charles, Fergy & Andrew, the Queen Mother, & Anne & her husband. It was really neat to look right in the car & see them, then watch it on the news that night & know what hats each was wearing & what outfit, etc.
2. I would choose to be a baby doll or teddy bear, because little ones pour so much love into those.
3. I am NewEveryAM's mom! And love it!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I've always slept to Mark's left, no matter if that put me by the door or not. Interestingly it seems, upon reflection, I've been nearest the door the majority of our marriage although I'd prefer to be farthest from it! We've tried switching places before but by now neither of us can sleep on a different side:)
I think I'd be legos or an american girl doll. I'd get to see my kids a lot!