Day One of What Could Possibly Be the Longest Ordeal of My Life

Skillets and an angel fresh off an Aruban vacation weren't the only thing I got for Christmas.

I also got new furniture for my living room.

The rascals had completely demolished our other couch and chair, reducing them to piles of...well....crap, for lack of a better word.  Two of the four legs on the couch had been completely ripped off, so the couch actually functioned more as a slide.  Of course, I had tried to construct makeshift legs out of dictionaries and a exhaustive Bible concordance (after much prayer that I wasn't performing any sacrilegious acts by doing so, of course), but the books usually just resorted to flying out of their posts as soon as one of the boys took a Superman dive off of the back of the couch.  Speaking of Superman, the boys had also taken to perfecting his style of leaping and bounding by using the back of the couch as their take-off platform, causing the back cushions to detach themselves and become nothing but a nasty mess of foam and fuzz.  A slipcover was then hired, but was used more for tent construction than actually covering the couch.  In a word....the furniture was gross.  Downright n.a.s.t.y. 

So new furniture wasn't just fun and trendy.  It was a matter of necessity. 

The husband knew better than to go out blindly and pick out my Christmas present.  So, on Friday, New Year's Day, we headed out for the torturous event of furniture shopping.  I knew exactly what I wanted, and my men were less than thrilled to humor me as we traipsed through endless stores petting fabrics and taking various makes and models for seat tests.  I'm pretty sure I placed the back pockets of my jeans on every couch in the 60 mile radius.

But then I saw it.

There might have even been a heavenly aura and an angel choir singing.

And I knew it had to come home with me.  It and its mate.  And its mate's mate.

Because sitting just inside the doors of a furniture store (which just so happens to have one of the most annoying commercials running on Arkansas television right now) was my new couch, huge ole' chair, and blessed ottoman. 

Cue Hallelujah Chorus.

These pictures don't do my finery justice.  But let me just tell you that they are definitely nap worthy.  And cozified book reading worthy.  And snuggle with my babies worthy.

And apparently remodel worthy.


You heard right.  I didn't stutter.

No sooner did we have the shipping plastic stripped off my blessed pieces of chocolate comfort, was the husband discussing remodeling plans. 

And he didn't waste any time.

We went and bought drywall today.

And he's starting demolition tomorrow.

And all I wanted to do was paint.

Welcome to The Great Living Room Remodel of Twenty Ten. 

This should be loads of fun.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Loads of fun for sure! Keep us posted.

Nina Diane said...

that's what happens...one thing leads to another. January 2 years ago, Johnny boy bought a big screen TV for the den...which lead to new furniture, paint and new curtains. I like to remind him of how much that TV really cost him! Happy New Year Amber!

New Every Morning said...

Wow! What a deal! Can't wait to see the progress!

Mich said...

I'm excited for you...love the new furniture.

Hopefully this will not be one of those "projects" that take too long to accomplish. I know when he finishes it will be beautiful.

Kendra said...

Yea for you! Living with four boys (face it, Kirk's a big ole boy) you deserve a nice house. I'm glad he's removing the paneling and not just painting it. You'll have a faincy house yet! Just wring some little necks if they mess up your nice couch and walls any time soon.!

Anonymous said...

That's what we call a Numbers project around this house. One thing begats another which begats another......

Elizabeth said...

Why am I not surprised? Sounds fun, and exhausting, but mostly fun!

Tiffani said...


I know not of said projects just yet but I bet soon enough, he'll want to get his hands in to something...

It'll be a crazy time but nonetheless a FUN time of couch-lovin-wall-paintin' joy..

Still singing: "are you ready? are you ready? are you ready to clown around?!" ;)

theelizabethhighsmith said...

can't wait to see the final reveal! i like what you picked!