Vintage. A Word for Ugly Clothes.

As you know I'm way over my head and gasping for air up to my knees in this blessed remodel.  In between going out in public with my hair shining with various paint splatters and breathing in drywall dust, I've been working through some kind of design process in my head.  As I've already mentioned, this is not my spiritual gift.  I am not on the list for Heaven's interior decorating committee, and I've already decided that if Jesus gives me a choice, I'm inviting my good buddy New Every Morning over to my mansion to decorate it for me. 

But in my minute attempts to feather my nest (there's that phrase again...oy), I have decided that on one wall I am going to try to throw together some kind of photo collage thing.  You know....lots of frames that are all matchy and mismatchy and such.  (I saw it in a magazine....so it must be okay.)

I've gone through my pictures and sorted and sifted.  All while trying to remember the days when I actually took my film to the processor to get developed; paid $4.68 for a stack of photos that may only have 7 good shots in the bunch; and sprang occasionally for doubles.  I've picked some of my most favorite ones of the boys from when they were younger that I'm going to turn into black and white, but I also think I'm going to mix and match them with some of my most favorite old photos of mine and Kirk's families.

Wanna see?

Aw...you know you do.  Everyone loves old pictures.

And if you are like me, your favorite thing is looking at all the horrid fashion emergencies vintage clothing.  (Ahem, Carpoolqueen.)

Lookey there.  That's Jim-Dad.  Looking very smart in his skinny tie and killer glasses. 

This is one of my most favorite pictures EVUH.  That sweet chunk of a baby is my gorgeous mom.  And that beautiful lady holding her?  That's my Granny. 

Look at that hair on my mama!!!  And it was red, too!!  Even cuter!!!  That big ole baby is my Uncle James.  I love this picture because it is just precious, but it also hung in my grandparents house for as long as forever.  Makes it even sweeter when I see it.

This is Kirk's dad.  This picture is one of my most favorite.  I love his polka dot shirt.  I love his 50's curl swooning down his forehead.  I love that he is putting on his cologne.  LOVE IT.

Now there is almost too much in this picture to discuss.  The carpet and lovely draperies are enough for a post in themselves, but our fashion choices are my fave.  Jim-Dad's shoes are rockin', my mama's skirt makes me want to sing for Scotland, and my sister is rockin' the green pants.  (Mich...please still speak to me after this post.)

And here's Kirk's family.  Aren't they..uh...something?  I love his dad's purple ensemble.  Groovy.

Guess who????  That's me...in the quintessential Olan Mills portrait from the late 70's. 
And if you don't think I look like Jim-Dad in this picture, then you have done lost your mind.

I'm not putting this one on my wall, but it cracks me up every time I see it.  This is my first passport photo.  I was THRILLED. 

Nothin' like a good ole' pair of UnderRoos.  The husband is thanking me already, I'm sure of it.

And here's Don Johnson...uh...I mean, Kirk.  Miami Vice rocks.  And, no.  That wasn't a Halloween costume.  He dressed like that for real. 

Oy.  This one isn't going on my wall either, but because I have lost all pride in the blogosphere anyway, I decided what the heck.  Yes, I thought my bangs looked awesome like that.  Yes, I'm wearing a jumper.  When I was 13.  And yes, I thought I was gnarly cool.

I'm not putting this next one on my wall either, but I saw it when I was going through pictures, and remembered that it was the very first picture Kirk and I had taken together.  We were babies.  I made a habit of wearing ribbons in my hair, and fabric paint on my shirts.  And Kirk was too cool for anything. 

Trips down memory lane are fun, aren't they? 

Except when you realize that your mother actually let you out of the house wearing a puffy paint reindeer on your shirt.  And you were 18.  Not 3.

Geez, Mom.  Really.


Jo said...

Some of these pics are not "new" to me, since I grew up with "Jim-Dad" and was around some of the time you girls were growing up. However, some of the pics, I've never seen. For instance, Kirk and his underoos and his "Don Johnson" look. Too, too cute!

Blog comment fodder on this post, fer sure! LOL
Aunt Jo

Jim said...

Mom just said, "well ask her 'where's Dad's baby picture - of course, he was in a diaper'." Come to think of it, your Olan shot does favor my baby picture - pose and all. You've seen that one, haven't you?

I thought the walk down memory lane was priceless. Boy, you and Kirk were "young lookin'" in that early photo. That was his house and his mom a.peekin' around the corner, wasn't it?

What great memories. When are you and Mich going to help me sort our bizillion photos into some kind of order?

Love you,


Tiffani said...

I don't think I have words for all that this post is...

Just know simply, that my night is now made. ;)

(OH, and I totally committed the hairbow/puffy paint crime...except mine was Halloween)

Mocha Momma said...

Oh my gosh...you took me way back there, except I was older and committing the same wardrobe and hairbow thing.

Thanks for sharing. It is fun to look back at the things we did with our hair and the color themes we had going on at the time, etc.

Have a great week,

Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Kelli. I'm an addict. I've done puffy paint, puffy paint with gold lame', florescent socks (scrunched and 3 pair at a time). I've done banana clips, super-bows, and stiff stuffed bangs. I've done high top reeboks and every-color-under-the-sun keds (in the same season). My list of heinous fashion crimes has no end. Thank you for offering me a soft blog-space to fall.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I totally think my girls should start calling my husband: "Tim-Dad."

Mich said...

OK. I'm here. Are you seriously going to put that picture on your wall?!!!

I love the picture wall idea and the trips down memory lane...my diningroom is full of the oldies but goddies on the wall. I might just have to add the one of you and me in front of the big wheel...all is fair in love. :)

And yes, I still love you!

theelizabethhighsmith said...

the only thing missing is a glamour shot with the feathered bangs and boa.......gotta love the oldies!

Jessica said...

I heart walls with photo collages. and I think the mixing old and new will be great! Your trip down memory lane was awesome. There is no denying who your babydaddy is (yes I just used that) They look just like him!

Alison said...

What??!! No three layer bangs pics? The funky curl up thing will suffice, I suppose. So, ok...Kirk as a little boy is Tate's 25 years older twin...seriously!

Marla Taviano said...

I cannot TELL you how much I love this post. If there is ONE thing I love more than old books, it is OLD PHOTOS. I have them all over my house. LOVE THESE!!!

Carpool Queen said...

VINTAGE! Why didn't I think of that? And someday I'll have to post my OBU freshman ID - my bangs may or may not resemble yours.....

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...


Ok, now I must say, GOOD GRAVY Tate looks like his daddy!

And that's all I'm going to say...because people who live in glass houses shouldn't laugh at other people's vintage clothing.

Sami said...

Hello? Amb? It's me the girl who ALWAYS WORE A JUMPER!!!! Is it our fault that our mothers thought they were pretty and the perfect church attire?? No!! C-Ya

P.S. Olan Mills is classic. Can't mess with it.

P.P.S. What kind of super cool girl DIDN'T have a ribbon in her hair???

Why do I feel like I need to go tight roll my jeans again? Which I may or may not have done last weekend anyway...

mimi said...

Those pic's are amazing. I love older pictures. They are going to look so great on a wall.

Happy remodeling!!

Elizabeth said...

Ha ha ha, I love these! Tate looks just like his daddy!

Nina Diane said...

the pictures are great.....your commentaries are priceless!

New Every Morning said...

I, too, wore jumpers... by choice. (Gag)
Which was one of my hangups about homeschooling - the whole stereotype thing.

When I was 17 I made my own puffy paint knit outfit. Black longsleeve knit shirt with silver lame` bows (attached with puffy paint) and knit pants with a bow to match. I thought I was so crafty and cool. (Double Gag)

Gretchen said...


Perhaps you should've parsed this post out for those days (I can't think of any, but ) when you can't think of what to write on ye old blog.

It's that full of goodness.

Is it me, or did God not use any of your dad's genes in creating Mich?

Even in your "cool" shot, you are darling. And I enjoyed this so much.