A Fork In the Eye Would Be More Pleasant

Our living room now has drywall up. 

And the boys and I were able to get half of the room mudded and taped last night.

And all of that would be tremendously good news.


The big If.

If the husband wasn't sick as a dog.  He came home last night declaring that he felt like dog poop dragged in on the bottom of a shoe.  Lovely imagery.  Especially while dinner is cooking on the stove.

So.  The house in shambles.

The husband is pitiful yet trying to hold it together which just makes him more pitiful.

And on top of that....


I'm calling Al Gore today to have him send me the Global Warming for Dummies book. 


Mich said...

I don't know if it helps, but "I love ya."

Hope Kirkaroni feels better soon.

Stay warm. they say we are suppose to get snow tonight, but like always it will probably just be nasty ice.

Tiffani said...

oh honey.

I can't imagine feeling like aforementioned imagery and trying to remodel too!

I'm praying that this is all over quickly..sickness, the fixin' up, everything!!

love you muchly!

Jessica said...

That was lovely imagery. Hopefully the sickness won't last long and hopefully it's not freezing in your house!

Cathy said...

STINK!! ...and I'm not just talkin' about the dog dookie.:)

So sorry you're battling the sickies. Hope your days are brighter and warmer real soon!

Emily said...

That's no fun! Hope everyone feels better soon, and the remodel is done quickly.

(If it makes you feel better, I've been living in a construction zone FOR-EVAH. You'll get used to the sawdust.)

Gretchen said...

Would you care for one fork or two? Just trying to be helpful since you have 2 eyes. And I have your back, Amber.

Miso soddy about the gross. And the grosser. Hang in there. Hugs.

Jim said...

Your imagery is A.STOND.DING!!!!
Fustoff, you and the rascals "MUDDING?" Now, that would be a pict for "scrapping!" Then, I won't even go into the imagery of how Capt'n Kirk "landed" or did he "BEAM.IN" on "SCOTTY'S" transporter?

Amb, you are one for the books! I mean it, Kea needs to consider writing YOUR LIFE!
I love you and hope the mud and Kirk DRY.UP soon!!


theelizabethhighsmith said...

may i borrow the al gore read when you're finished? at least eat some pie before inserting the fork in your eye. sounds like you need it, pie not a fork in your eye. can't wait to see the fruit of your labor!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! That's a lot of yuck for one day...I hope it all passes quickly: the remodeling, the sickies and the freezing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! That's a lot of yuck for one day...I hope it all passes quickly: the remodeling, the sickies and the freezing!

Carpool Queen said...

Hope life's looking a little better for all of y'all today. Stay warm!

Nina Diane said...

I have that book from Al Gore....it's full of blank pages!