In Which I Explain Why the Lord Didn't Make Me a Bird

I have become painfully aware in the last few days as to why exactly that Lord didn't make me a bird.

Although I have indirectly asked Him to several times.  Not like for real for real, but when I'm doing my best Jen-nay impression from Forrest Gump.  You know:

"Dee-uh God, Make me a buhd, so I can fly fah. Fah fah away frum hee-uh."

Moving on.

I'm pretty sure though that when the Good Lord was drawing in His sketchbook all of the creations that He had on His mind, when He came to me He said, "I'll make her a bird.  No wait.  She'll be a person.  Because she'll be forgiven as a person if she can't feather a nest."

What does "feather a nest" mean anyway?

Whatever it means, I can't do it.  I'm completely inept and disfunctional in that department.  All the feathering genes were passed to my sister, and I was left with only the ability to stutter and stammer my way around a Pottery Barn catalog.  I roam the home interior aisles at various stores and get all sweaty palmed and nervousy. 

Because it just isn't my thing.

My home is comfortable.  It's cozy.  And it fits us.  But it is the farthest thing from fancy or well-decorated..  And I'm perfectly fine with that.

But there is something about a floor-to-ceiling remodel that causes a person to do crazy things.  I know for some of you, the thought thrills you to no end.  But for me, it has just made me need to double up on the ole Prozac.

I've lost sleep at night rearranging furniture in my head.  And trying to envision picture placement on the walls.

The day I went to pick out paint, it is possible that I freaked out the 17 year old kid with slouchy jeans who was working the paint counter.  I second guessed myself.  And third guessed.  And sixty-seventh guessed.  I finally settled on a couple of colors only to turn around and settle on different ones.  Only to turn around and go back for the first ones I picked out.

Then there was the fabric for my new curtains.  I was drawn to a certain fabric but was unsure of anything except that I just loved it. And after flip-flopping between safe and not-so-safe, I just decided to bite the bullet and go with what I loved.  Because it's my house and I have to stare at it.  And I'm not planning on a Southern Living photo shoot anytime soon.

Then there is the flooring.  And the moldings.  And the trim.  And the new tiles for the fireplace.  And. And. And.

I'm so happy for you people who live for this kind of thing.  Your homes are beautifully decorated.  Your paint colors were chosen effortlessly.   And you can just hang a grouping of pictures on a wall without a second thought, and it just looks...well...good.

Me?  Not.At.All.

But I'm pretending this week.  I'm trying to feather my nest and stretch the wings that are not there. 

And once again, the Lord is confirmed in His creation.  He knew what He was doing.

A bird.  I am not.


Mich said...

The curtains are going to be beautiful...relax. Because you LOVE the fabric and you need a little "you" in your space with all the testosterone floating around at your house.

I am so jealous of the remodel. Enjoy it! And make it yours.

Love ya! Sorry, I'm not a painter...

Kendra said...

I guess I am a bird, and I should be better understanding of people who aren't. If I was there I totally would help! Because picking paint is my thing.

I'm with your sis, even though I haven't seen the curtains. But you are surrounded by males. Doesn't mean you have to have Ducks Unlimited or the hunting lodge come a decorate your house. Don't paint the LR pink but certainly don't hesitate to make it your own! Funky and fresh!

Cathy said...

And I'm guessing all the peeps in your life are ok with that.

Cause they don't come over to judge your paint or curtain choice, and they don't leave saying "wow, can you BELIEVE how she arranged the furniture in that room?!".

They come because YOU and your lurvely family are what make it homey and comfortable and stylin' and GOOD.


Andrea said...

Pick out what you like. Chances are it will all turn out nicely together. :)

Anonymous said...

I think for me it boils down to my own insecurities. I don't trust my own instincts. But I think you were wise and brave to pick the fabric YOU love. We don't need degrees from Southern Living University (that's not real; I made it up for this comment.) We need to trust our gut that we CAN feather our own nests. We set the tone in our homes and if we're at peace there, I really beieve everyone else will, too.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Just remember: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!

Your home should reflect who you are. So if YOU like then it's beautiful!

New Every Morning said...

Even though I love decorating and dream of it often, making the final big decisions like paint and flooring make me sweat.

If you need any suggestions on paint colors, let me know... after painting and repainting multiple rooms for my house and my friends' houses, I have a few good ones up my sleeve.

As long as it fits YOU and you love it... go for it!
Can't wait for pictures!!!

Tiffani said...

repeat after me: It WILL be fabulous and I did a GREAT job!!

You're doing such a wonderful job. You aren't giving yourself enough credit, sister.

That fabric is JU&JT!!

Marla Taviano said...

There's another reason you're not a bird. Birds are rats with wings. And you, my friend, are lovely in face and form.

I'm not much of a nest-featherer either. Certain parts of my home look charming (as I define it). The rest are very college-student-apartmentish (and not in a cool, hip way).

JUST BE YOU. And JU and JT and all that.

The Bowden's said...

I'm sure it will be beautiful in the end. But I totally hear ya on this one. I have always said I think next time I will pay someone to come in and work their magic. I despise any type of remodel or decorating. I simply can't do it. :)

Carpool Queen said...

Buy what you like and then have friends come over and tell you how to arrange it.

Or just wait for Mom to come do it.

That's my strategy.

mimi said...

We are each our own unique bird.....I bet you are going to feather that nest in the coziest, cutest way!

Can't wait to see!