You Only Thought You Were Done With Everyone's Easter Pictures

I'm going to spare you the details. But it all boils down to me feeling like I've been run over by a truck.

My head hurts. My body hurts. And most of the time the room spins and there are 6 of everything.

I'm thinking it was a big truck. PeterBuilt, probably. If you look hard enough, I'm sure that the mudflap scraps are still visible on my forehead.


I just realized that I never posted our Eastery recap. I'm sure that you are tired by now of all the Peep jokes, pictures of brightly colored eggs that your kids didn't dye, and pictures of kids that were bribed just as your kids were to smile for "the one picture that will make people think that we are actually happy in this house!" If you can't take one more slicked-hair kid smiling in a brand new polo shirt or one more dining room table covered in newspaper and smelling like vinegar....you've been warned. I wouldn't post 'em...but my parents may start a coup of I didn't.

Saturday I took the pieces of bread in my children sandwich to an Easter Egg Hunt at a local church. (The Jelly was turkey hunting with the father of the sandwich.) Keaton has decided that he is way too cool to do such things as hunt eggs in public, so he sulked and mentioned that he would rather be home watching reruns of SpongeBob no less than 46 times. I tortured him by forcing him to participate in the activities anyway, and he tortured me by continuing to stand by me and letting people know that I, in fact, parent the Easter Scrooge.

Tate, however, humored me....

After the egg hunt, I went shopping for Easter clothes. Because I always do everything in a timely matter, and buying Easter clothes is no different. Doesn't everyone wait until THE DAY BEFORE EASTER to buy their Easter outfits? Surely. Lucky for me, a fresh new polo shirt that doesn't have a mustard stain on the front equals fancy-enough-for-Easter at my house, so my boys were fixed up in a 20 minute shopping trip to WalMart!

And here are the little darlings...all dressed up in their new clothes. Smiling because I told them to.

No, we didn't take the pictures in the middle of the night....it was just that dark and stormy Sunday morning. And, yes, Tate is holding a VeggieTale book...because when I yelled at the boys to get their Bibles as we were running out the door...he came back with Archibald's Opposite Book. And we were too late to argue the difference. Oh...and excuse the dead plants in the pots on the sidewalk....green is not my color.

And because I didn't totally drop the ball this Easter (because you have noticed that there is no mention of the Easter Bunny anywhere in this post....go on...admit it...you noticed!)...we did manage to color eggs at my house! Forgive the naked tummies....apparently my boys don't believe in clothing once they enter the threshold of my front door....their poor wives.

The striped ones are my favorite!

Okay...fine. I'll tell you the Easter Bunny Story. You dragged it out of me.

Remember me not shopping until Saturday afternoon for Easter clothes? Yah...well....no chocolate bunnies had been purchased yet either. The husband was turkey hunting with Sawyer all Friday and Saturday....and I haven't quite mastered filling a buggy with chocolate bunnies and random toys when I have 2 of the chocolate bunny eaters with me. This is why people frown on procrastination.

But, I totally recovered. I hid their Easter baskets out of sight, ignored every comment made about Giant Bunnies that bring chocolate replicas of themselves, and spent way too much money on WebKinz and ginormous lollipops at Cracker Barrel at lunch after church. The husband and I then relinquished control of our laptops for the children to play around WebKinz World all afternoon.....if that isn't love (and overcompensation), I don't know what is.

So there you have it. Easter....as only our family could manage it. Because a day without attitude, procrastination, and me forgetting something would just be....well, weird.

This is totally random, but I can't not tag it on here. I'm an emotional sick ball of goo right now, so I sobbed like a baby when I watched this video that Carpoolqueen posted today. I just love it when little people win. And when they are sweet little old cat ladies....it just makes it even better. Pop over HERE and watch it. Do it! And I'll be here crying again just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

We didn't dye our eggs until yesterday. The day AFTER Easter. My kids didn't even flinch. They're used to doing things a little off schedule with their unconventional mom!

Your boys are precious, even the big one who was missing the Easter egg hunt love.

Carpoolqueen said...

I made the baskets, but forgot the bunny. Until the next day. And I should have taken their shirts off.

Let's see what Oxyclean can do for Paas vegetable food dye.

And I'm still an emotional wreck over that video. Can't. Stop. Crying.

Signed, your pea in a pod

Jim said...

Thanks for the update on the day. Almost like being there, knowing the "sandwich" slices as I do. Oh, the video was a really fantastic display of the really tremendous invisible people around us. Mom and I watched it a couple of times, with me toggling the curser to keep the video from stalling. Did anyone else have the problem of "out-of-sinc-ness" and pause?
I'd love to hear and see her expression as she sang. Let me know.
Thanks, Amb.

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i love the striped eggs! so cute.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Sorry your feeling so awful! Ughhh. But glad you posted your pics...I'm going to steal your striped egg idea for next year - they look awesome!

My hubby showed me that video this week, and I was in shock - I sure didn't expect that! So amazing!

Elizabeth said...

So sorry you're sick!

I for one think doing things your way makes it all way more fun! And webkinz and giant lollipops make a perfect Easter basket. The flip-flops are awesome. And the naked tummies. I don't know if I'll ever get my son to wear clothes at home-he strips down the second he walks in the door every afternoon.

gotta go watch that video!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Your eggs are awesome, and your boys are SO handsome.

That video made me cry too. All 19 times I watched it.