The Thorn In My Procrastinating Side

Don't let that smile deceive you.

I only smiled for you people. Because it would have been rude to frown. And not to mention very un-photogenic-y.

Because I'm grouchy. And growly. And in desperate need of a double dose of medication.

Confused? Curious?

Two words.


'Nuff said.

Oh...one more word.


That's me. Mrs. I'd Rather Sleep Here On This Couch For 4 Hours and Turn Into the Beast From the Underworld Later. Because I tend to roll like that.

So, now I find myself in the middle of my bedroom floor surrounded by this.

And this.

And I'm photographing myself with masking tape in an effort to look like I'm enjoying myself.

Not so much.

The only silver lining here....I can get all this crud out of my house. Praise Jesus.

So, I have 2 nights to get this stuff cleared out, priced, and boxed up. The same 2 nights that are packed full of baseball games and my growing-legs-now pile of laundry.


I think I'm just going to take a break and worry about it later.


Gretchen said...

Props to you, babe. This weekend our neighborhood is having a garage sale. I'm usually okay doing these, but at this point, after the "partial move out" to get new carpeting, I'm either throwing it out or driving it to Value Village to donate. Period. I just need it OUT.

Just think, though...you'll be able to use your windfall for a GNO, complete with chips, pedis, and flighty conversation. AND, when you return to the homestead, no stepping on old toys to ruin the pedi (for they will have been sold!).

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Totally NOT envying you right now - Taking a break and worrying about it later sounds pretty genius to me. :)

Mary @ Simple Things said...

I have until May 29th to get my treasures priced boxed up and moved to my aunt's house for a big family yard sale. I'll probably be trying to do it all on the 28th.

Carpoolqueen said...

One word to write on that masking tape:


It'll be gone in no time.

Jim said...

PROCRASTINATOR, hummmm? That got the brain hummmmmin'! Is that like, one of those beasties that looks like a beautiful skyscraper but when you push a certain button it turns into a kind of HULK monster? It certainly sounds like your description. Now, what did he do to downsize again? Oh, he'd run off and hibernate until the red left his eyes. Well, I'll be jiggered, you are a PROCRASTINATOR!
Well, when you look at my desk right now, you'd find you get it honestly! I heart ya!

Anonymous said...

I gave up yard sales a few moves ago. I felt like I'd done my yard sale time to last a lifetime. But, I agree with Sus. My last few yard sales I priced nary a thing. My answer to the question, "How much?" was "How much will you give me?" None of that cr** was going back in my house anyway, so whatever money I made was bonus!

Tiffani said...

Your Dad is a HOOT!

I have been toying (ha! no pun intended) with the idea of a yard sale but as for now, I'm still stepping over stuff and the 8786 Happy Meal Toys we seem to accumulate in a month!

You'll get get in done, honey, and you'll be sooo glad you did!

Jim said...

I just scanned through your blog again and discovered a TREASURE! Your pictures of STUFF would make a GREAT modern art piece. Blow'em up, frame, label and sell'em. I can see them hanging on the wall in a day care center, pediatrian's office, etc.
Wow! Even unconsious, you've got talent!
Whatcha think, Mich?

Lori Motl said...

I hate yard sales. I must not be very good at pricing either, because we never make much. And it's so much work. I hope you make a mint!

And I agree with Dad! Fun pictures!

Jim said...

Mom just looked at the blog and said the pic of toys would make a great puzzle. Go-get-um!

Glo said...

Okay, your Dad is cracking me up...now I see where you get your humor from.LOL I have done one yard sale in my life and that was last year with Jennifer Davis. It is a pain I know, but it is all worth it in the end. You get that junk out of your house and get money for it...wooohoo!!! How cool is that?!!! Hang in there and you will get it done! :)

buscher3 said...

Goodness that's a lot of toys! Is that what I get to look forward to with a boy??? ;-)

You'll be so glad to get that all out of your house!! It'll all pay off, even if you hate the process in getting to that point.

Good luck!

Christi said...

I have a yard sale scheduled for the 9th, and haven't done one thing about it yet, except accumulating several piles of junk around the house that will have to be priced. I hate the process sooo much, but love the cleared out spots in the house (and garage), and the cash in hand afterwards! Hope you make lots of money!!!

It's a wonderful life said...

I am impressed I would not even gotten to the stage you are at. I keep on telling myself that my storage room needs to be cleaned out but my brain just does not seem to grasp it. Good luck with the sale!!

The Bowden's said...

I'm having my big moving sale this Saturday too so I feel your pain, if not more so. At least my sweet hubby helped me price everything today because we will be out of town for the next 3 days.

Michele said...

I'm with ya on the whole procrastination thing. . . unfortunately. . . wish I wasn't though. .. it stresses me out . . . and makes me grouchy. You're cute as pie in your picture!