Drum Roll, Please.....

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-04-16 22:15:29 UTC

I'm going to be accused of being in a conspiracy.

And then someone is going to accuse me of rigging this whole Sonic gig.

And then Carpoolqueen is going to be heard round the world giggling....because she SO won.


Although it is rather odd that just a week ago I won her Starbucks Giveaway, and she was the one that taught me how to use the whole Random Number Generator. The same Random Number Generator that just picked her number. Not 5 minutes ago.



So, because you all are outstanding sports (ahem, Tiffani!), I'm going to take this moment to congratulate Mrs. Carpoolqueen on behalf of all of you sweet losers. I'm sure she has a speech prepared for just such an occasion.

And...thanks for entering my Give-Away! I heart you guys so much!


On a totally unrelated note, but definitely worth mentioning....

I'm ONE chapter away from finishing this.

And I'm very sad. And I'm reading very slowly. Because I don't want it to be over. Because I just heart those darn Cullens so darn much.


Carpoolqueen said...

See....it's true...what goes around comes around!!!! I am more than giggling. I am guffawing.

And going to buy a lottery ticket tonight because I am ON A ROLL!!!

Carpoolqueen said...

Oh, and thank you! Yikes, 'bout forgot my manners......

Mich said...

Congrats to the Carpoolqueen!

As for Twilight...just read them over again, that is what Kayla does! :) Have you bought the movie yet?

Tiffani said...

I am CRACKING up!! Not rigged my bleep. ;)

I love CPQ so I can put a smile on my face and say "congrats"! I promise.

I think I may have actually cried when I finished those books I read all four of them in RECORD time b/c my hubs was away in TX for 8 weeks and I'd never been w/o him. So, I literally felt married to those books...amazing. wonderful. crazy. weird. intriguing. aaahhh!

I have considered rereading them but I know they'll suck me in (pun intended) :) and I don't have the time for that...

I think I'll visit Sonic this weekend in honor of the giveaway I didn't win...but I am really excited for Sus, really.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ahhhh! I'm out of bloggy commission for 3 days and see what I miss! Congrats to CPQ!