Detergent Goo

I have always had a compulsion.

It is to force every single last drop of laundry detergent out of the cap. I rinse it out in the stream of water in the washer as it fills up at least 14 times.

The only problem is that when I plop the cap back on the bottle, it drips. And then it goos down the side of the bottle. And then it makes my bottle sticky. And then a puddle of sticky goo forms on the shelf under the bottle. And then I am just grouchy.

And the cycle repeats itself.

Well, as often as it can repeat itself when my laundry record is close to nil-to-none.

But, whatev.

But I discovered a miracle the other day. The answer to all my goo-infested problems. And it is genius.

My new Blog BFF, Tiffani, posted the other day here about how she also has the same obsession with getting every.last.drop out of the cap. And then my miracle came. Comments poured in on her post detailing this piece of genius majesty.



The brilliance startles me.

I'm a little slow to catch on, but why this amazing bit of amazingness never crossed my mind is beyond me. (I'm going to blame it on Swine Flu. Because that seems to be the going thing these days.)

So, I've been tossing the cap in with the jeans, tees, and undies. It is remarkable, really.

I have one complaint though...

When I go to REWASH the loads of laundry that have soured (ahem.) because I have left them in the washer too long (double ahem.), I have to dig around through the gross stenchy clothes looking for my cap.

And there, my friends, is nothing majestical about that.

May just need to go back to the goo.

****UPDATE****My good buddy, Sus, over at CPQ, just rescued me. Once again. From the soured laundry nether-regions. Because she just told me that all I have to do to rectify this torturous ordeal of digging through soured blue jeans for the cap is to save the cap from the previous bottles. Then I have an extra cap all ready for my soured loads. She's brilliant. And resourceful. Oh, how I heart the Carpoolqueen. And the fact that, in all her majesty, she has soured loads of laundry, too.


Anonymous said...


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Just throw some vinegar into the soured clothes and it takes the sour smell out...then you won't have to dig!!!!

Bring a couple of loads with you tomorrow and we can do them while we are making $$$. Hopefully!

Carpoolqueen said...

No no no, squash blossom. Save the caps from successive bottles. I keep four stacked at all times right next to the detergent bottle in case my laundry sours.

That way I don't have to fish for it.

PS - They dry just as easily as they wash.

You're welcome.

Elizabeth said...

Finally! Something I can brag on! I've always done this! I think it's the only useful piece of advice I can give today, though. I have no idea what to do about souring. Vinegar sounds good!

buscher3 said...

I thought I was the only one who let a load of clothes sit for hours on end, sometimes a day if I truly forgot. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Brilliant idea!

Mich said...

This is why I need to remind my hubby that it is IMPORTANT that I blog. I find out useful information to help us out in our everyday lives.

Now, does anyone know how to create more time in the day to actually do the laundry? My "mountain" is really is growing!

Jim said...

Permit me, one who has to ask his wife how to operate the washer/dryer, a few lines which I have wangeled out of your mom, who is a very together laundry lady of amazingness. I mean, I can hang up a pair of pants, intending to wear them a second time to save washing too much, and she will take them off the hanger to wash. You get the picture?

Well, here's the scoop on keeping up, she says for the working mom - do at least one load a day. She keeps up on the separating, so it does not get behind.

Oh, by-the-way, Carpool Q, what's a "squash blossom"? Sounds like a great term!

On a final note, I salute all of you moms who regularly face the "twilight zone" known as the laundry-room. We who are "one-sock-short" salute you!

Time to go, I heard the dryer ding!

Carpoolqueen said...

Dear Dad,

A "squash blossom" is a term of endearment that I have used for my three young 'uns, for there is nothing so beautiful and full of promise as the blossom that will one day (Lord willing and I don't forget to water/feed/nurture) turn into all it was intended to be.

My boys have recently informed me they are too old to be a "blossom", so now I just call them "Squash".

Sincerely and with great affection,

Gretchen said...

Suddenly, I want to stop all this chortling and sing Kum Ba Ya.

You've made my evening.

Becky said...

You all just made my day! I will walk away with a HUGE smile on my face! Amber your dad is awesome! I love his sense of humor.

I've never thought of just throwing the cap in the wash but I will be doing it now!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

You are so funny! Happy laundering!

Michele said...

Sour laundry? What? All too familiar to me my friend . . . unfortunately. I'm going to have a blonde moment on you real quick . . but the cap washing in with the clothes doesn't eventually tear the clothing up?

Lori Motl said...

One question...Does Dad blog? If not...let's hook him up. He would be the rock star of the blogging world with all these women clammering for his fun take on life!

Nina Diane said...

glad to see someone else has that obession......I rinse the cap a dozen times! But now I will toss it on in...just brilliant!!

Mich said...

Dad, sounds like you have a fan club started!

Of course I will always be your number one fan...wait, Amb, I hear a sermon coming!

Love you!