March Madness is Maddening

I think I deserve diamonds for what just happened tonight.

Or flowers.

Or at least a Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic.

Because I handed over the remote. Oh, yes...I did. And with grace, mind you. Not much of a smile, but with grace.

Apparently there is some big basketball game on TV tonight. And my husband decided that he needed to watch it. What?! He can't stand basketball. I'm blessed in that every March I'm not dealt a double-whammy. My prime time lineup may be tampered with, but at least I'm not forced to watch the Madness. I feel for the wives who aren't so fortunate.

But....tonight.....the husband decided to delve into testosterone territory. He needed to breathe man air. He needed to stretch his man legs.

And something had to give.

It was either his manhood. Or the channel which held my precious Dancing With the Stars.

GASP! No, Amber....You didn't.

Oh. I did. And I deserve something shiny for my efforts.

I am now neck deep in a sea of Green and Baby Blue, long basketball shorts, and a scoreboard that is reflecting a very un-close game. And we turned the channel for this?! Supposedly the TarHeels are making history....huh. Not really very impressed.

The only redeeming factor is that Tyler Hansbrough is from our hometown.
We don't get out much in PB, MO....so Tyler is somewhat of a celebrity. No. He is our only celebrity. So, it is kinda fun to scan the crowd for his dad, say things like "Ah...I remember little Tyler," and get giddy every time I think about Tyler once being a Poplar Bluff Mule. (Isn't that a great mascot....I'm so proud!)

By the way....I'm only doing this for the husband. And only because he did the laundry yesterday. And only for nostalgia's sake with Tyler. And only because it is only one night out of 365 that I have to be subjected to such misery.


Lori Motl said...

I've got Dancing on DVR. Come on over sometime and we'll cheer Melissa on! I haven't watched it yet.

Carpoolqueen said...

Go HEELS!!!!! (Although Tyler's wide-eyed look scares me a little.)

Kendra said...

I think you deserve another TV for this! Or at least an upgrade to your DVR!

buscher3 said...

At least once this is over, there's no finals or world series or anything until November when baseball ends. :-)

The Bowden's said...

You go girl! I have it DVR'd too. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad Adam isn't into all that. I don't know if I could stand it! I'd be going into Shelby's rooom and finding something to watch!

Amy Fulmer said...


Mrs B said...

Is it so funny that I don't watch basketball either, but did fill out a bracket and beat my husband! And of course I picked North Carolina as the champs. He says its cause I like their uniform colors. Whatever makes you feel better honey. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Nice, Amber. Nice, nice, nice. Did you get something shiny?