R-A-N-D-O-M Spells Random

It finally happened for Sawyer. He's been waiting several years, and it finally happened. Last night, he lost his first tooth! You couldn't have made him a happier camper if you had handed him a $20 bill. The tooth fairy visited last night and swapped him $5 for his tooth. (We're pretty cheap when it comes to the tooth fairy, but first teeth earn "big" bucks!) You can imagine his excitement this morning when he found his cash! He was so thrilled with the moolah, that he preceded to yank out another loose tooth...."because it is an easy way to get money." Excellent.

Too bad he'll be super disappointed when he only finds $1 under his pillow in the morning.


Kirk hijacked my computer today so that I could concentrate on cleaning the house. It was N.A.S.T.Y. Like I'm surprised my house wasn't condemned nasty. So without the distraction of all you sweet people, I was able to make it all sparkly. I borrowed Sawyer's iPod, and because his selection of music is limited to what you can find on the Disney Channel (except for that one NickleBack track that he sets on repeat and sings all the wrong words to), I scrubbed my way through the house with the Jonas Brothers. I never thought I would say this, but they have just surpassed InSync as my favorite boy band ever.....move over Justin Timberlake.


Speaking of cleaning...I'm doing something I thought I would never do. I'm going to start hanging out with this hot chick.

Ahhh...The FlyLady. I am starting to get all psyched up about hot spots, zoning, and email reminders. And now I'm even more excited about starting this whole cleaning frenzy because my house is starting clean. So...I'm going to bed tonight with a shiny sink (that still cracks me up!)!!


While I was cleaning, I decided that I was in need of some new candles. Something about clean houses scream candles to me. Since I'm out of luck in the easy access to a store that sells fancy schmancy candles department, I bought several of these at WalMart tonight. This is my new favorite scent. Yummy. Is it bad that I want to eat it?


I also got this at WalMart tonight, and we ate the whole jar. Cheesealiscious, I'm telling ya.


Can I tell you how scary it is that I have Britney Spears' song "Circus" stuck in my head? She scares me just a little bit.


I'm a reality tv junkie. So my favorite kind of tv to watch.... It is no big secret that VH1 has the trashiest shows on the planet, but one has totally caught my interest. Tough Love is totally a train wreck. Totally addictive. Nothing like a matchmaker trying to set up whacked out girls with hot guys that think the chicks are psycho stalkers....


Spring Break is over. I'm so not ready for it to end. This past week was so busy and so exhausting, but it was so much fun! And I'm not ready at all to get back to routine. Luckily these last weeks of school usually fly by.....Summer, I'm ready for you!!

(Obviously that is not me in that picture. Because no way would I be caught dead doing any of those 3 things. Boogie boarding? Uh-uh. Wearing that swim suit? No. No. Running while wearing a swim suit? You have lost your mind.)


I'm off to play tooth fairy before I fall asleep and forget. Wonder if he'll yank another tooth tomorrow....don't think he won't try!!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm a huge fan of RANDOM, but I'm pretty sure you already know that.

I've got to tackle my house tomorrow, but I'm going it alone. Flylady is great, but she sends me too much email!

And how cute is Sawyer with 2 missing teeth!!!

Hope your day goes well tomorrow. I'm afraid the moring is going to be brutal.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you this was a roller coaster post for me, Rascal Raiser. Yay, little enterprising Sawyer! Jonas Brothers? Not so much. I have to be honest and say I haven't listened to one of their songs all the way through, and I've heard they're truly lovely boys, but something about them makes me want to slap them a little. Wow, that seems harsh. And then YAY! for FlyLadying with us! Yay for candles with yummy scents (please don't eat it!)! Never tried the dip, but looks yummy (go ahead and eat that). (Please don't tell but I secretly listen to Britney. So, the moral Jonas Brothers make me want to harm them and yet I support Britney's career. Please don't try to reason with me.) VH1 reality? You and my brother will have to discuss Rock of Love with Flava Flav or whatever without me.

Stephanie said...

I'm gonna have to try out fly lady! My house is in bad shape right now! I'm just starting on the first twilight book, and am really liking it!

The Bowden's said...

I love your random posts! :)

I tried Fly Lady and actually I didn't really need that. I tend to stay on top of most things. We don't have clutter just because I don't allow it...EVER! I'm a little OCD that way. So I just fight with unmade beds and dirty floors most days.

And Cranberry Mandarin is my fave candle ever!

Have a great day!

Carpoolqueen said...

Cranberry and anything citrus are my fave scents and eats. Yay for candles...at someone else's house. At our house they don't stay lit, because everyone pretends it's their birthday. Instead of soothing scents, I smell burnt wick.

And I haven't listened to one Jonas Brother song, but my kids are into Bionicles and thus sing All American Rejects all day long since they wrote the theme song.

And I like Britney. Though she's taking a long ride on the crazy train, she's catchy.

buscher3 said...

That's too funny...Shelby Davis lost her first last night too! Cracks me up that he yanked another one today to get more $$. The mind of a child!

FLY LADY! Love it. I'm not super into doing everything by the book, but I try to follow her rules on just doing a little bit at a time and keeping things straight. Now...ask me if I follow her by the book in a few months when I have a two year old and a 3 month old in the house and my answer will probably change!

Kendra said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE Tough Love, too! It's programmed in my DVR. I love train wrecks. Makes my life not feel so crappy. I also love Millionaire Matchmaker, too. I prefer the crappy train-wreck reality shows over the big bucks ones, like Amazing Race and Survivor. Trashy crazy people are more entertaining and make me feel more normal, you know.

lifesgoodstuff said...
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It's a wonderful life said...

Cute pictures of Sawyer and I will have to show Savana I can hear the giggles now!! I am going to check out that flylady!!

Mandy said...

Glad to have another 'Fly Baby' on board!

Mich said...

Wait till your kids get older like Jordan and just walk up to you after pulling a tooth and say "You owe me some money MOM!!!" or they tell me how cheap their tooth fairy mom is compared to others!

Tiffani said...

okay..I'll stop stalking your blog in a minute I promise..but seriously...can I come out of the closet now and say "I LOVE TOUGH LOVE??"...I 'bout fell out when I read that!

I too love the Jonas Brothers and thanks to you I'll be singing "Circus" the rest of the night....

I love your blog layout, too..so cute!

vgrdesigns said...

Drew did the same thing with his teeth!! Two teeth in two days...we paid $10 the first night and didn't have change the second night so he scored 20 bucks in two days...he will be quite disappointed the next time he looses a tooth!!! Love the pics of your toothless boy!
I'm going to check out the fly lady...I need all the help I can get!!! =)